15 years together.

Over 15 years we became No.1 among employment agencies in Central and East Europe.

We are the fastest-growing HR company in the region between Berlin, Moscow and Istanbul and the only company from HR sector listed on WSE in Warsaw.

Jobs for 300,000 people annually.

Dozens of agencies operating in 8 countries. Hundreds of jobs with a wide range of
professional qualifications. Flexibly guaranteed with temporary work to permanent placement.

Take off with Work Service – the sky’s the limit for your career.

Secure superior support for your team.

Over a 15 years of experience has taught us the
importance of integrating our solutions with our
partners’ unique corporate culture. We embrace
our supporting role in  partnering with your team
in operating a modernly managed enterprise.

Take the first step on your career path with Work Service.

Join other recent labor market entrants in
exploring different professions and find the
job that fits. Gain life long skills for the fastest
road to career success.
Work Service, we link the brightest with the best.

Work Service, experience that’s worth sharing.

Our consultants are eager to share our hard-won
expertise gained from hands-on experience with
our business partners. Thanks to this
communication,we tailor our solutions to reflect
HR realities in your specific location.

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