15 years together.

Over 15 years we became No.1 among employment agencies in Central and East Europe.

We are the fastest-growing HR company in the region between Berlin, Moscow and Istanbul and the only company from HR sector listed on WSE in Warsaw.

Quality Assurance

Testing allows to reduce  product risks. On the modern IT market customers expect frequent releases of high quality products. Thanks to our tailored and of the shelf solutions we enable innovation and possibility of fast growth for our Customers while keeping high quality of products and services.

Secure superior support for your team.

Over a 15 years of experience has taught us the
importance of integrating our solutions with our
partners’ unique corporate culture. We embrace
our supporting role in  partnering with your team
in operating a modernly managed enterprise.

Take the first step on your career path with Work Service.

Join other recent labor market entrants in
exploring different professions and find the
job that fits. Gain life long skills for the fastest
road to career success.
Work Service, we link the brightest with the best.

IT Solutions 

We live in information era, where dreams become reality right in front of our eyes. Access to data is very common, but what only making use of it brings the real value. For our Customers we offer flexible IT solutions which enable to build and maintain competitive advantage.

Job Search

Investor relations

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Work Service Group Members

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