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Work Service as the Bronze Partner of the 1st Eastern Business Forum


Work Service took a honorary patronage over the Forum the aim of which is to emphasise the position and the role of the Lublin region and Lublin city as an attractive place for the meetings of entrepreneurs, local governments representatives as well as representatives of the partner cities authorities from the European Union and, among others, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, India, Russia, Moldavia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

The Forum took place on 25 and 26 June 2015 in Lublin. The following groups took part in  this year’s edition of the Forum: the representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Chambers of Commerce, consuls, economists for the eastern markets, and the entrepreneurs from: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldavia, China, India, Italy, France, Switzerland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and also Angola. The hosts of the 1st Eastern Business Forum were the Lublin Voivodeship Self-Government and Lublin Foundation of Business Support and International Relations (Lubelska Fundacja Wspierania Biznesu i Współpracy Międzynarodowej).



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