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Shares on stock

Initial public offering IPO

Basic subscriptions for shares of Work Service took place from 22-26 March.
The Management Board of Work Service S.A. informs that on 27 March 2012 it decided that there would not be additional subscription and adopted a resolution on the allotment of series L shares offered to be taken up as part of Public Offering, and due to the above the issue of series L shares took place. As part of the Public Offering subscriptions for 5 117 881 series L shares were made and paid for, including 4 950 362 series L shares as part of the Institutional Investors’ Tranche and 167 519 series L shares as part of the Open Tranche. The Management Board of Work Service S.A. allotted 5 117 881 of the Offered series L Shares, including:

in the Institutional Investors’ Tranche - 4 950 362 series L shares,
in the Open Tranche - 167 519 series L shares.


Work Service contact

tel. +48 512 817 166


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