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Work Service Russia

Linking the best with the brightest from the Baltic to the Pacific

ZAO Work Service Russia, launched in 2004, transforms the country’s vast potential into profits for our partners. Daily, over 3,000 employees in 80 cities are providing workforce flexibility at dozens of multinational companies located throughout the entire country.

Work Service Russia

Our Russian operation has won an enviable reputation for our market knowledge and for setting the benchmarks for merchandizing and distribution solutions. One of our dedicated team achieved double-digit growth for a prestigious FMCG company by making their product the largest seller in their category. Our services have strengthened and defended this leading position for the past four years. An up-market retail chain tested a small, on-site team of 35 sales and merchandizing specialists at selected stores. Within 12 weeks, the team increased sales by more than 300 percent, motivating the customer to ramp up operations threefold by placing 100 Work Service merchandisers throughout their entire network.

Our conceived, created and implemented solution reduced the merchandizing costs for a leading FMCG customer in servicing 14 hypermarkets by 50 percent while raising sales.

WORK SERVICE RUSSIA range of services


  • Temporary placement, we provide temporary workers to handle seasonal peaks, to ensure operational continuity by supplying specialists to replace employees on vacations, maternity and other leaves,
  • Recruitment, employing the best techniques and methods, we search, qualify and train employees that not only possess the required skills, but have a demonstrated aptitude to fit into your corporate culture,
  • Outsourcing of sales and merchandising professionals. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who are reducing costs while raising sales.


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Main benefits of partnering with WORK SERVICE RUSSIA

  • Highly knowledgeable consultants eager to share their extensive expertise with proven techniques earn from direct experience in the local market,
  • Individual approach in selecting employees to find the best fit both for skills and attitude,
  • Saving time and reducing costs associated with the identification, qualification, recruiting and training of key staff,
  • Effective and discreet method of executive search for highly qualified specialists,
  • Employees recruited through our proven selection and qualification process are of higher quality,
  • Flexibility in securing the number of workers required to meet cyclical and seasonal workforce demands,
  • The ability to concentrate on your core business and strategic goals with Work Service taking care of the required HR and payroll functions.


Our client roster of long term partners features leaders of their respective industries, including: Reckitt Benckiser, Obi, Samsung, Pepsi.

Headquarter in Moscow, our nine offices located across the whole country in: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Serpukhov, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Rostov, are each ideally situated to serve ‘local’ clients with local solutions while keeping their eyes on the big picture.


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