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Exact Systems

Precision in Providing Perfect Products

Exact Systems fills a key position in Work Service Group portfolio of specialized outsourcing companies. Exact System assists leading manufacturers and distributors raise their overall quality through the selection, inspection and reworking of components during the entire production chain.

Exact Systems

Our teams have worked hard to earn a highly regarded reputation for innovation, superior client service and a complete integration of our quality control process with those of our clients in Poland, Russia, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We carry out the services with strict adherence to ISO certified procedures as well as with other internationally recognized quality control systems. Exact Systems performs Controlled Shipping Level I controls and, as an impartial third party, conducts CSL II inspections.

Our experienced inspectors have committed 1,311,569 man-hours in scrutinizing more than 239 million parts, constantly capturing errors in the entire production chain and these numbers are growing daily.

EXACT SYSTEMS range of services

  • Resident engineering,
  • Subassembly / Production,
  • Sorting & Rework,
  • 100% Final Product control,
  • Controlled Shipping Level I & II.

Main benefits of partnering with EXACT SYSTEMS

  • Lower personnel costs,
  • Eliminating costly post sales problems by preventing quality issues during the entire production chain,
  • ISO 9001:2008 and relevant elements of ISO / TS 16949 guarantee quality of services,
  • 24/7 web access to electronic reporting system for quality control process,
  • Opportunity to improve manufacturing processes by eliminating errors,
  • Proven and certified services integrate seamlessly in your TQM process .


Get to know more about reducing costs while raising quality with Exact Systems.



Mr. Pawel Gos


Sales Development Director

Mr. Jacek Opala
GSM: +[48] 515 137 719



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