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Work Service has debuted on the WSE


Series L shares of Work Service S.A., Poland’s personnel services market leader, has debuted on the main market of the WSE today. The opening price of allotment certificates was PLN 6. The share price started to grow rapidly and after fifteen minutes the price of allotment certificates increased by over 33% to PLN 8. At around noon the price consolidated at around PLN 7 with over 178 thousand ...

Work Service will debut on the WSE on 26 April


Work Service S.A., Poland’s largest personnel services company, which offers flexible employment solutions, personnel consultancy and business process outsourcing, will debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange on Thursday, 26 April.

Work Service S.A. has established the final price and number of its shares


The final share price in the public offering of Work Service S.A. has been set at PLN 6.00. This price will apply to the purchase of the company’s shares both in institutional and open tranches. Primary subscriptions for shares for investors will be accepted from 22 to 26 March.

Greater revenues from the public offer will help Work Service enter new markets


Due to improving situation on capital markets, Work Service S.A. decided to increase the maximum price for its shares to the amount of PLN 7.5. The Company has already found its first investor which guaranteed taking up as much as 5 million series L shares. Work Service plans to allocate funds obtained as a result of the first public offer to the acquisition of IT Kontrakt and other companies ...

Subscription for Work Service S.A. shares is launched on 8 March


The Management Board of Work Service S.A. has decided to carry out the public offering in March 2012. The final price and number of shares which will be offered in individual tranches will be announced on 7 March.

Work Service S.A. decided to postpone the subscription for shares


Due to the unfavourable situation on capital markets, the Management Board of Work Service S.A. decided to postpone the subscription for shares in relation to the initial public offering for 23-27 February 2012.            

Record financial results of Work Service Capital Group


Q3 2011 has brought Work Service Capital Group very good financial results. Consolidated net revenue after three quarters of 2011 amounted to over PLN 443 million, and return on sales exceeded PLN 20 million. Work Service S.A. is carrying out the initial public offering which will enable the company to raise capital for further dynamic growth, including acquisition of companies in Poland and the ...

Work Service has published its prospectus


On 24 November 2011 the largest Polish company from the personnel services sector published its prospectus prepared in relation with the initial public offering of shares of Work Service S.A. Under the initial public offering, Work Service will offer 20 million shares, which constitutes the total of 32.41% of all the shares in the Company. Subscription for shares for investors starts on 14 ...

Prospectus of Work Service approved


On 17 November 2011 the Polish Financial Supervision Authority approved the Prospectus of Work Service S.A. in relation to the initial public offering of shares and the intention to apply for their admission to trading at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The largest company operating in the personnel services sector in Poland will be the first HR company listed on the WSE.

Work Service S.A. “Business Master” award winner 2011

23.05.2011 magazine presented Work Service S.A. with the “Master of Business” award in the category of Law, Consulting and HR in the second edition of the prestigious competition. Over 50 companies in ten selected categories contended for the distinction in a challenging two stage competition.

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