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Outsourcing Information Technology Services

Programming a Profitable Partnership.

Outsourcing all or part of an enterprise’s informational technologies requirements without risking the slightest disruption to existing business operations is a complex process. Work Service launched new services to empower our customers to tackle the intricacies of outsourcing IT functions in their efforts to optimize costs, increase quality, speedily realize projects and ensure workforce flexibility.

Work Service provides a comprehensive outsourcing platform that includes:

Testing of new applications

Our technicians constantly and thoroughly tests software applications and systems on every development stage in a mission to detect errors as early as possible. Capturing software and system flaws at build time results in high-quality software and systems that are delivered on schedule, cost no more than budgeted, and, most importantly, perform their functions without expensive reprogramming and operational downtime.

Outsourcing of Specific IT projects

Work Service designs teams comprised of industry specific experts that are adept in developing designated solutions, tailor-made to take-on the different IT challenges of divergent business sectors, ranging from leading financial institutions to the region’s largest telecommunications providers.

Our turnkey project management encompasses every production stage, from business analysis to solution creation, implementation and on-going support.

Outsourcing of IT Staff

Outsourcing of IT staff gives our clients workforce flexibility to quickly adjust the numbers of IT professions based upon actual requirements without the need to incur the expense of permanently hiring to meet temporary needs. Our highly mobile staff is eager to lend their expertise to dedicated projects, cover permanent staffs’ vacations and other leaves, and to join existing teams on a short-term basis to help them meet all project milestones and competition date.


Services include:


Work Service guarantees:


A Solid Partner

Work Service programs profits for our partners by providing workforce flexibility, independent testing to stop errors before they halt operations and securing professionals that are team players that strive and thrive in meeting the groups deadlines.

As a Work Service Group, we have a proven recruitment process, the best management tools available and Poland’s largest database of qualified informational technology professionals including:



We are eager to advise you on risk free implementation on outsourcing solutions for your IT needs. Contact us for a consultation.

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