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Media about us

Work Service Ready for Debut

/ Data publikacji: 08/02/2011

Poland’s largest HR company seeks to raise to 100 million zlotys on its upcoming Warsaw Stock exchange debut.. The company plans to use the proceeds on acquisition and technology. For more information please see (In Polish)

Banks, a great place to Work

/ Data publikacji: 27/01/2011

Interview with Dariusz Rochman, Vice President Work Service S.A. concerning specialized outsourcing services on behalf of banks and insurance companies that earned the company the best HR firm award for the financial sector LINK TO AWARD. For more information please see (in Polish)

Enterprising, responsible and hardworking, returning migrant workers highly valued by employers.

/ Data publikacji: 16/02/2010

Interview with Krzystof Ingłot, Director of Business Development of Work Service S.A. on the high demand for workers with enhanced skills and enriched attitude earned from working abroad.

We have to be always one step ahead of our customer.

/ Data publikacji: 03/06/2010

Dariusz Rochman, President of Work Service SA, shares his observations on the HR outsourcing market trends with leading financial publication. For more information please see (in Polish)

Profits from Temps not Temporary

/ Data publikacji: 31/08/2008

The script is perfect for the archetypical American “rags to riches” film. A company launched by two students, without capital, takes long-established international giants head-on , becoming Poland’s leading HR company in less than a decade.

The publication of our prospectus puts all the cards on the table

/ Data publikacji: 16/06/2008

SPECIAL FOR RZECZPOSPOLITA Tomasz Szpikowski, President and co-founder of Work Service, shares his passion for the business with Poland’s leading political / economic daily. How does Work Service transcends simple temp services to provide comprehensive HR outsourcing solution? Please see (in Polish)

Passionless prospects need not apply…

/ Data publikacji: 02/06/2008

Can you share with our readers how you launched Poland’s largest HR agency?


FORBES / Data publikacji: 01/03/2008

The more Polish people migrate for work, the more difficult it is to find good staff in Poland and the better situation it is for temporary work agencies. At present this market has been worth one billion PLN.

Heading East, Going West

OUTSOURCING MAGAZINE / Data publikacji: 31/03/2008

“We wish to become one of the largest companies in the field of personnel outsourcing. We want to achieve the position of the leader in Europe” declares Tomasz Szpikowski, the president of Work Service, during a recent interview conducted by Rafał Suś. The Wrocław based company intends to make its debut at the Warsaw stock exchange soon.

Hunting Hands Eager to Work

FORBES / Data publikacji: 31/01/2008

Wroclaw based Work Service SA, Poland’s largest HR agency, has created a new niche; relocating production and manufacturing from special economic zones.

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