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Privacy policy

Respecting your right to privacy, the company Work Service S.A. in Wrocław ( applies the appropriate solutions that provide it.

This Privacy Policy explains how we use the information, how we collect and store it. Using the Website at (“Website”) you agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

We collect your personal data, transferred in the course of using the Website, with the greatest care and in accordance with applicable laws, respecting the right to privacy, and we guarantee to all persons using the Website that the provided data will be adequately protected against takeovers by third parties.

Who manages your personal information?

Your personal information is managed by Work Service S.A. in Wrocław Sky Tower, ul. Gwiaździsta 66, 53-413, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register held by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, 6th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000083941

and by the Companies of Work Service Capital Group, i.e.:

Work Service Finance Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

Finance Care Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

Work Service International Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

Sellpro Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

Industry Personnel Services Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

Krajowe Centrum Pracy Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

People Care Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66

Work Express Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Katowice, ul Murckowska 14


What information do we collect?

When you use the Website, you may be asked to provide certain personal information, in particular by filling the registration form and completing the user account information.

The information collected through the registration form is as follows: first name, surname, e-mail, phone number. In addition, we collect information on foreign language skills, present employment.

Providing this information is voluntary, but necessary in order to register an account on the Website, and to handle and implement tasks related to the presentation of job offers and recruitment process.

In addition, the user account may collect the following data: gender, date of birth, marital status and nationality. Information on the educational background and professional experience also may be collected.

If you register using your Facebook account, we will ask you to authorise the service of the Website within the Facebook application to access your following data:

a) basic information (first name, surname),

b) e-mail address, phone number. We can also record your data when you contact us by phone, e-mail or by traditional mailing.

Filling the form, you may also agree to receive a newsletter from us (commercial information by e-mail) to the e-mail address you have provided. At any time you may withdraw the consent that you have expressed.

The Website uses a system of third-party ads retargeting (marketing partners), including Facebook and Google, in order to optimise the quality of ads that will be displayed to you. The purpose of this system is the best match of ads based on your interests. Security of the information assigned to the Website is our top priority. The data is transferred to these partners in a totally anonymous way in order to improve the quality of the provided content.

The Website also uses cookie files for collecting the other, non-personal data. They are used to provide services at the highest level, in order to optimise the content available on the Website, to adapt them to the individual needs of each user, as well as for advertising and statistical purposes. These data is not personal information and does not allow for unambiguous identification of a person. To learn more, go to our cookies Policy.


How do we use the collected information?

We use the collected information only for the purposes that you agreed to i.e. for the purpose of the recruitment process implementation and job offers presentation, registration and maintenance of a user account, contact via e-mail or telephone.


What are your rights with respect to the personal information we collect?

The data collected in the manner described in this Privacy Policy are stored and processed in a manner consistent with the requirements of the law. You have got the right to access to your data, the ability to correct them, as well as to withdraw the consent at any time. To do this, you should contact us.


Safety and confidentiality

We use all the technical and organisational means in order to ensure the safety of your personal data and to protect them from accidental or deliberate destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access. The information is stored and processed on servers with a high degree of security, with appropriate security measures, meeting the requirements of the Polish law.

Remember not to share any personal information publicly through the Website. Public sharing of such information takes place solely in your responsibility.



The Website is our exclusive property. By inviting you to freely use of our Website, we would like to draw your attention to the need of respecting the intellectual property rights. Therefore, please be advised that the website contains documents, trademarks and other original materials, especially texts, graphics, drawings, animations, sounds and programs copyrighted and owned by the authors. The layout of the website and the selection of the content presented therein constitute independent subjects of copyright protection.

You agree to use all the material presented in the Website solely for personal use. Modifying, copying, transmitting, public replaying and any use of such content for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of us or other authorised entity, is strictly prohibited.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The offer of the Website will be extended over time. Also technologies, standards, legal requirements and requirements for conducting business on the Internet will undergo changes. This means that in the future, the Website may introduce modifications to the Privacy Policy. Using the Website after the entry into force of the amendments is understood as their acceptance.


Final provisions

If you start using the Website, you automatically agree to the conditions determined in this Privacy Policy.


Our contact details

To find all the necessary contact details, please refer to the “Contact” section of our Website.


Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored by your browser. They contain information stored on your computer when you visit the Website. Then, during each subsequent visit they are sent back to the Website from which they were collected, or to another website that recognises the cookie file.

Cookies are useful because they allow the website to recognise the user's device if the user revisits the Website. We want to know which categories you visit more often than others, so we can work on our offer and on the manner of its presentation to make them perfectly matching your needs. You give us the knowledge on the direction we should develop and on your needs.

Cookies do not destroy or damage, in any way, the system on your computer, saved files, and they do not deliberately adversely affect its performance or functionality. Identification is impersonal, anonymous, and these are only the data relating to the manner and forms of use of the website.

More information about cookies can be found at or in section “Help” of your web browser.

This Policy on cookies is an integral part of the Website Privacy Policy.


Why do we use cookies?

Within the Website, cookies are used to:

  1. provide the services;
  2. adapt the content of the Website to your preferences and to optimise the use of web pages; in particular, these files allow you to recognise your device and properly display the Website, adjusted to your individual needs;
  3. produce statistics that help to understand how users use the Website, what allows to improve its structure and content;
  4. present ads in a way adjusted to your unique needs and interests, and to your place of residence;
  5. ensure the safety and reliability of the Website.


Types of cookies used

Within the Website, two basic types of cookies are used:

  1. session – these are temporary files that are stored on your terminal device until logging out time, leaving the Website or disabling software (web browser); and
  2. persistent – these are files stored on your terminal device for the time specified in the parameters of these cookies or until you remove them.


Due to the purpose of the Website we use the following types of cookies:

  1. required cookies – these are the files necessary to move smoothly through the Website, and to use all the features of the Website. Your consent to our use of these cookies is not required;
  2. performance cookies – they collect information on the way of using the Website by the user, such as the most often visited pages and messages on errors. They do not collect information identifying users. Their aim is to improve the functioning of the Website;
  3. functionality cookies – these files allow the site to remember the choices the user make (if any) (user name, language or region) and to provide functions adjusted to individual needs (if such functions are available). For example, the site can be used to store changes in text size, font and other personalised web page elements. The information collected in these files is anonymous and does not track user’s activity on other sites;
  4. advertising cookies – help in providing ads that suit interests of the user. They can collect information about the customs of the use of browsers and adjust the content of ads to interests of the user;
  5. static cookies – they accumulate statistics concerning the Website.


Please be advised that in addition to our own cookies we also use external cookies published by our partners through the Website, in particular for advertising and statistical purposes.

Cookies posted at your terminal device through the Website may also be used by our partners.


Cookies Management

Probably your browser is configured by default to accept all cookies.

However, you can, at any time, change the settings for cookies, specifying conditions of their storage and access of cookies to your terminal device. You can make changes to the mentioned settings using the settings of your web browser. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in your web browser configuration or to inform on their posting on your terminal device each time. The detailed information on the possibilities and ways of handling cookies is available in the software settings (web browser).

Failure to introduce changes means that cookies may be published and stored on your terminal device, and thus, we will store cookies on your terminal device and get access to these files.

In addition, at any time, you can delete cookies using the features available in the web browser you are using.

Keep in mind that restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available through our site.


Links to other web pages and external websites

This Privacy Policy does not apply to other web pages and companies, which contact details are given on the Website.

In the case of links to other web pages located on the Website, we make a provision that we cannot be responsible for the privacy policy used by the owners of those domains and web pages. Before you start using third-party web pages, please refer to the relevant documentation on the protection of privacy.

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