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Work Service Slovakia

Linking the brightest with the best from Bratislava to Prešov

Our strategic expansion plan to provide regional HR outsourcing solutions on behalf of our expanding client base motivated the Group to establish Work Service Slovakia s.r.o. in 2007.

Work Service Slovakia

Within a short five years, our local professionals have won an impressive roster of clients in a wide range of industries, providing them with hundreds of qualified workers daily.

WORK SERVICE SLOVAKIA range of services

 Full time leasing of personnel;

  • Full time leasing of personnel;
  • Temporary worker placement;
  • Executive search;
  • Assessment and development center for employee recrutiment and continuous training.

Main benefits of partnering with WORK SERVICE SLOVAKIA

Highly knowledgeable consultants eager to share their extensive expertise with proven techniques earn from direct experience in the local market;

  • Individual approach in selecting employees to find the best fit both for skills and attitude;
  • Saving time and reducing costs associated with the identification, qualification, recruiting and training of key staff;
  • Effective and discreet method of executive search for highly qualified specialists;
  • Employees recruited through our proven selection and qualification process are of higher quality;
  • Flexibility in securing the number of workers required to meet cyclical and seasonal workforce demands;
  • The ability to concentrate on your core business and strategic goals with Work Service taking care of the required HR and payroll functions.


Our client roster of long term partners features leaders of their respective industries, including: Nobel Automotive Slovakia , Klauke Textron, PADERTEG Slovakia, Tatra Banka, Johnson Controls, Calearo Slovakia, Billa, Techniserv, D3Soft , Cor Slovakia and MARS SR.

Our locations in Bratislava, Prešov and Žilina are staffed with skilled professional to provide Work Service’s proven solutions nationwide.


Contact your local expert to profit from their hard-won expertise.

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