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Cross-border staff transfer

Work Service International Sp. z o.o. is the leading provider of HR services with more than seven years of experience in foreign customer service. Work Service Group branches located in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe have been building a base of specialists operating on the international labor market, which is its competitive advantage.


Our Client is one of the biggest companies operating on the German market which provides supplies to global food concerns. Given the scale of production and delivery deadlines set in contracts, logistics is one of the strategic management areas.


The Client has been struggling with shortage of warehousemen able to use Pickup Voice headphones.

Client’s attempts to find employees on the domestic market has not brought the expected results and therefore the Client turned to Work Service International, desiring to take advantage of the free cross-border transfer of employees within EU member states.

Client’s expectations:

The main aim is to find motivated employees with experience in using Pickup Voice headphones who can communicate in German and have worked abroad. Another aim is to optimize personnel-related costs through, for example, recruitment of employees from eastern EU countries.

The Client expects Work Service International to provide comprehensive recruitment and selection services.


The project analysis showed that due to relatively young Pickup Voice technology and small number of Polish companies which use it, there are not many candidates on the Polish market who meet Client’s expectations. Recruitment of experienced candidates directly from the Polish market who also know German and have worked abroad would be difficult and expensive.

Work Service International, as a Company specializing in finding the right people on different labour markets, which does not limit its search to Polish candidates, managed to find the right candidates for its Client on the neighbouring markets.


  • selection of the assumed number of employees with required qualifications, within the deadline set;
  • recruitment of employees on the preferred EU labour market;
  • organization of the entire employment process (recruitment, selection, trainings);
  • use of the international employee base owned by Work Service Group;
  • access to reserve candidate data base;
  • confidentiality and security of recruitment-related information;
  • reduction of Client’s operating costs (human resources used to operate the modern system in logistics centres);
  • time and cost saving thanks to the services provided by Work Service International.


Contact Work Service consultant to discuss our dedicated solutions.

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