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Sellpro Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading Polish companies outsourcing sales support, merchandising and promotion. Specialized Sales Forces implement comprehensive strategies stimulating the sale of the Client’s product.


A branch of a European producer of fresh dairy produce. A network of distribution to retail outlets is organized in south-eastern Poland.


Improvement of the visibility of Client’s products on the retail market

Image enhancement and development of relations with retail customers

Verification of the retail outlet network base

Achievement of the average sales volume expected by the client based on his business needs.


Sellpro formed an 8-person Sales Force able to cooperate closely with the client, retail outlet managers and distributor representatives.

SellPro applied the following campaign model:

  • preliminary verification of the retail outlet network base,
  • determination of the sales package basket,
  • planning of the discount promotion campaign,
  • creation and production of promotional materials (leaflets, informative posters and souvenirs),
  • planning and implementation of a promotion and sales campaign,
  • verification and update of address details of the retail outlets,
  •  division into sales subregions, optimized for the needs of future actions taken by sales representatives.

During the project implementation, the Sales Force distributed more than 10 000 promotional materials, provided information about products offered, this way increasing the availability and visibility of the products as expected by the Client.


All aims set by the Client were achieved within deadlines. Sales goals exceeded the target by 70% vs. the assumed 30%. An effective campaign verifying the distribution network location base allowed for the selection of locations for the future marketing research.


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