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Personnel selection


A commercial company which produces and sales roller blinds and window shades and has a network of 70 stores throughout Poland.

It employs around 20 people in the company headquarters and around 230 people in the field, in different positions, such as regional managers, store managers, customer service specialists and support personnel.


The Company Management Board has carried out a research on customer satisfaction, which showed negligence in service in some stores. The reason behind the situation is a defective recruitment system, which gives a certain measure of freedom in personnel selection by store managers. Recruitment-related actions are partially coordinated by an HR Department employee; however, he is not able to fully control individual processes due to other current duties he has. Interviews happen to be organized incorrectly, which results in employment of random people, with different levels of expertise and personality which often matches neither company’s mission nor its strategy.

We can also have certain reservations regarding the assessment criteria applied by store managers in the recruitment process (the problem of protection and comradeship).

Another problem is how to find the right candidates on the market. Press ads prepared by regions individually are inefficient. Given the situation, the Management Board found it necessary to develop a standardized recruitment system. The Management Board also decided to replace some employees. In the next 6 months around 100 recruitment processes are to be conducted to positions such as shop assistants, customer service support personnel and store managers.

The Management Board also plans to open a new distribution centre for the southern region in the next year. As a consequence, new 15 employees are needed, both to positions such as warehouseman, customer service specialists, as well as to specialist ones, such as an accountant, logistics specialist.


Work Service takes over all duties connected with recruitment in all branches of the company. After consulting the company management, Work Service creates a model of general and specific qualifications required for the positions in question. This is the basis for detailed job descriptions which are the point of departure in the process of recruitment of the right candidates. Based on the information provided in the job descriptions and models of qualifications, Work Service develops standardized recruitment tools applied by persons in charge of the recruitment process in each branch of the company. Each recruitment process is attended by a Work Service consultant, who, as an independent advisor, supervises the entire process and is fully involved in each single stage of the process. Results of individual interviews and findings related to it will be communicated directly to the HR Department of the Company by the consultant.

For the needs of the recruitment process to the new distribution centre, Work Service created a team of consultants responsible for the process, aiming at building an integrated team. Personnel needs were clearly defined, the organizational context and all variables that can affect the performance of given candidates were carefully analyzed.



Each stage of the personnel selection process, from the placement of the job ad, selection criteria, to organization, was standardized and is exactly the same in each single branch of the company. Now the process takes the right amount of time and its results are comparable. New employees meet all formal requirements and show characteristics of importance for the company mission and strategy. Those people are not selected randomly; they are motivated and will contribute substantially to the success of the company. The Management Board has unlimited constant access to information about recruitment processes and their results.

Due to the high potential of the candidate database, finding the right people in a short time is not a problem. If ads are necessary – both in the press and on the Internet, they are professional, on the majority of jobs sites presented by Work Service, which increases the number of the best candidates applying to the post. An additional way of seeking candidates are professional, social and industry websites as well as direct search, a method particularly effective in the case of senior positions. In the case of the distribution centre, we create a new integrated team of employees who see a clear aim and are able to perform tasks set by the Company Management Board jointly and individually.


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