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Process Improvements

Exact Systems represents the Customer at the supplier’s plant and in an active way participates in production possibilities’ improvement.


Our Customer was one of the worldwide producer of the braking system and other assortment for automotive industry.


One of our regulat customer commisioned its supplier to produce cover for the prototype of the pump in braking hydraulic system. Since the beginning of the process the GF Company was not able to produce proper amount of testing products as well as was not able to guarantee the process repeatability in the series production phase.

The plant was forced to double the quality control of the products and to the constant monitoring of the process because of the lack of stability. The main problems were:

  • Parameters of the casting process;
  • Defective design of the casting tools and cores;
  • The lack of the qualified workers;
  • The lack of the technical service and bad condition of production equipment.


Our Customer appointed constant control of the process and technical support for its supplier. During the time of the project duration the Consultant implemented the following actions:

  • The analysis of the design of the casting mould and the sand core;
  • Introduction of the programme of the planned equipment survey and all necessary repairs;
  • Settlement of the trainings’ schedule and conducting the trainings for the workers;
  • Monitoring of a daily production and parameters of the process;
  • Choosing the process’ parameters for process stabilization;
  • Daily report concerning the progress in the project and results of the changes introduced in the form’s project or sand cores;
  • Supervision of the equipment repairs.


After the implementation of all proposed changes, the supplier stabilized the production process and manufactured adequate amount of the high-quality goods for the Customer’s testing purposes.

The additional benefit for the direct customer and the supplier was the improvement of the relations. Furthermore:

  • Reduction of the expenses for the Supplier;
  • Transmission of the knowledge and tools for proper planning and monitoring of the process, which could be used during the next projects to the Supplier;
  • Improvement of the timeliness and the quality of deliveries;
  • Reduction of the price for the Customer.


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