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Sorting & Rework

Exact Systems is the main supplier of the services of Storting&Rework. We help our Customers to resolve all quality problems caused by faulty deliveries.


Our Customer is a part of an international group that designs and supplies the components for the cars and trucks’ producers. The plant specializes in the production of car glass’ elevators, car locks and tension members. Thanks to the high quality of the products, mentioned plant is a supplier recognized in the automotive industry.


Many details decide about the high-quality of the end product. The main factor is the quality of components supplied to the process of assembling. Because of that every components’ supplier need to meet strict quality requirements. Sudden increase in orders, unsteadiness of the process or the operator’s mistake – are only few of the reasons that can have a negative influence on fulfillment of the quality requirements. When a Customers receives a discordant delivery with components unsuitable for further assembly process – there appears a problem. Lodging a complaint concerning the delivery is for the supplier the first sign of a defective production and his remote localization from the Customer obstructs immediate reaction - that is sending new, congruent components.

  • Requirement of an immediate reaction and solving the problem
  • The risk of the retention of the production line


Exact Systems Company is used as a supplier-mobilizing factor.

Our Customer has at its disposal (24 h/day and 7days/week) Exact Systems’ Coordinator who is responsible for an immediate reaction after signalizing any kind of a quality problem connected with the delivery. The standard reaction time that the company needs to begin the service does not exceed 60 minutes. In the mentioned time Quality Inspectors under the supervision of the Coordinator begin the selection, control or reworking of the components. The service is provided according to the previously made Control Specification. After the fulfillment of the order, the Customer as well as the Supplier receive an information about the results. The defective parts are separated.

  • Short reaction time – intervention at the Customer’s plant within designated date
  • Professional and efficient selection, control or rework
  • Systematic reporting of the results from the control resulting in supplying the Customer with the reliable data base for the Quality Department.


Exact Systems provides complex consumer service in the area of components works (from informing the supplier to direct cost settlement). The most important thing for the plant is the high quality of our services. Our work has direct influence on the end quality of the End Product as well as enables the Suppliers to avoid the costs connected with the wrong delivery, not completing the order or even with holding up the production line. Our main aim is to supply the parts for the production line that are consistent with the quality specification and what is connected with this fact – to prevent the production line from holding up.

  • Reduction of the costs connected with the production line hold up
  • Supplying components congruent with quality specification – preservation of production continuity
  • Increase in the quality of deliveries / mobilization of the suppliers


Contact Work Service consultant to discuss our dedicated solutions.

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