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Temporary work


An international logistics concern which offers transport services, services to warehouses and a wide range of logistics solutions. The concern has branches in several countries, including 2 located in Poland. One of them employs around 400 people. The company has relatively high turnover compared with the number of employees.


The Client needs 350 forklift truck operators. These posts are not of key importance for the company strategy and therefore the perfect solution would be employment on a temporary basis. However, there is a problem with employment period; the process of training a forklift truck operator takes a lot of time, and according to the new act (s)he cannot be delegated for more than 18 months.

Besides, the Client would like to employ office personnel – a receptionist and German translators – on a temporary basis, depending on the needs.


After the preliminary analysis of Client’s needs we suggested two Work Service solutions.

HR outsourcing – Client’s employee service will be outsourced. In this case it concerns forklift truck operators who, still being employed by the Client, will be served by us in terms of comprehensive personnel service.

Temporary work – temporary employment and delegation as required by the Client (according to the terminology arising from the new act it is an employer user – Act on Employment of Temporary Employees; Chapter I, Art. 2). The service covers secondary school and university graduates; in this case these are receptionists and German translators.

Other orders are just an addition to the main activity.

The key service in the case of this Client is personnel outsourcing.

The Client decided to make use of the outsourcing service as it allows the Client to keep staff for many months. The training process is long and therefore the necessity to lay workers off after 18 months would not be an option (cf. the Act, Chapter 2, Art. 20).

We guarantee our Client mobility and availability. The key issue is the responsibility of Work Service for preparation of the workers for their positions. Striving to meet Client’s needs, we organize courses for forklift truck operators attended by Client’s future workers.

During a 5-day course Work Service specialists verify predispositions of each single potential worker. The successful candidate is entered into the database and when an inquiry is made, the candidate is delegated to the client. Before the candidate starts work, (s)he is trained in the scope of industrial safety, has had medical check-up and then can start work immediately. The agreement with the worker is signed on the day (s)he starts work.

In the first week of his/her employment, the worker attends in-house trainings organized for his/her position.

Each month is settled in around 24 hours: our representatives meet with all our employees, sign new agreements, collect timesheets, settle the employee’s or contractor’s pay and sign the bill. They settle costs and send the invoice on the 2nd day of the following month.


Our cooperation with the Client resulted in possibilities of further expansion in cooperation with the Client; we finalize new contracts in other Polish towns and cities.

As a consulting, HR and outsourcing company, Work Service provides the Client with advice in all situations, in particular emergency situations.

An example of immediate action taken by Work Service was development of an incentive scheme for forklift truck operators, foremen and masters performing logistics- and storage-related tasks. The proposed bonus system makes bonuses dependent on the improvement of results in the scope of storage and logistics management as well as individual assessment of each employee made by their direct supervisor. As a result, the bonus fund will be financed with savings made by the Client on damage-related costs.


Contact Work Service consultant to discuss our dedicated solutions.

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