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Cross-border exchange of Personnel

Passport to international recruiting success

Work Express integrates the Group’s multiple services and locations in 12 European countries to help employers and employees surmount barriers that hinder successful transborder recruitment efforts. The company’s “People Exchange” service indentifies, qualifies and places Polish specialists on temporary and permanent assignments in the European Union as well as securing foreign workers to fill critical shortages on the Polish labor market. We are aware of, and assume all, legal formalities associated with international transfers of personnel. This includes securing any required permissions, preparing work contracts, and fulfilling social insurance and tax requirements.

Our international divisions are highly attuned to all existing and impending tax, social insurance and other legislation that can have an impact on the local labor market and our clients’ and workers’ success. This enables our experts to implement projects that eliminate risks for the entrepreneur and the employee while still capitalizing on any and all unique cost optimization opportunities possible in individual markets.

Cutting-edge technology, proven methodology and high quality service guarantees of success of even the most complex projects.


Effortlessly cross borders with our services:

  • Recruitment and permanent international placement of:
    • highly qualified specialists including doctors and healthcare professionals, IT staff and programmers, engineers as well as senior managers,
    • skilled employees ranging from CNC operators, carpenter and welders, to ship yard workers and middle/lower managerial staff
  • “Try and Hire” of recruited specialists. Recruits that demonstrated their competence and aptitude for the key position are permanently hired at the client after a probationary period as a Work Service International temporary worker,
  • Temporary placement of lesser skilled labor to meet the cyclical demands of production, hospitality, logistics and other companies with a highly fluctuating business cycle. Production assistants, warehouse workers, maids and hotel staff are among the most requested temporary staff,
  • Outsourcing of specific functions and processes in the manufacturing industry, including packaging, sub assembly, cleaning, etc.,
  • Market research regarding the availability of specific job profiles and the employees’ expectations for compensation,
  • Consulting for cross-border recruitment of Polish workers,
  • International payroll services.


Partnership benefits include:

  • Multilingual key account management,
  • Effective and timely recruitment of skilled staff simultaneously in six countries,
  • Ensure operational continuity by covering the demand for workers in industries with severe labor shortages and / or seasonal peaks,
  • Optimization of costs in international outsourcing projects,
  • Transfer of existing services and solution for established clients for fast entry in new markets,
  • Local experts share their knowledge about the legal environment, pay scales, labor pool for all our markets,
  • Guaranteed quality system (ISO 9001: 2008).


A solid partner

With thousands of workers successfully placed at hundreds of clients in dozens of countries, Work Express has earned its reputation as a competent partner for transborder recruitment efforts. Our consultants in 12 countries possess a regional vision and execute all projects with local precision. They are eager to share their hard-won knowledge earned from hand-on experience in providing the region’s leading companies with qualified employees.

As a member of the Work Service family, the region’s largest HR outsourcing company, Work Express has access to the regions largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process and the best reporting tools available.

Our customers appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned.


Contact your local Work Service expert to put their international expertise to work for you.

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