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Hiring the physically challenged

Hiring the handicapped is good business

Modern enterprises adopting the innovative HR practice of integrating the physically challenged employees with their able bodied co-workers. We are witnessing awitness measurable increases in productivity, noting cost reductions, and observing a positive effect on the company’s overall development and enhanced corporate image.

HR departments face the hurdle of securing and retaining employees in an era of steady economic growth and mass migration of potential staff. The inability to quickly fill positions is a major barrier for many companies’ path to prosperity. In the current and foreseeable labor market, astute HR Managers should, without reservations, hire disabled workers to solve staff shortages. In Poland there are more than 2,5 million people of working age who are registered as physically challenged. Only 20% of these potential workers are currently on payrolls, three times less than the EU average. Hiring physically challenged workers gives your organization access to a much larger talent pool, empowering you to constantly provide the best services and products.

Handicapped workers have a lot to offer potential employers. Our hands-on experience in successfully placing thousands of physically challenged employees in a host of industries proves they posses more company loyalty, motivation, reliability than their non-disabled counterparts. The stability, productivity and talents of these workers more than compensate for their disability. Often their professional credentials, training and education exceed that of the other workers. Required investments in infrastructural improvements and expenses arising from various labor regulations governing hiring the handicap are quickly recovered.

Hiring the physically challenged makes excellent business sense as well as making the organization a good corporate citizen in the eyes of the community and your employees. All workers benefit from diversity in the workplace, adding to the sense of fairness that comes from seeing good employment practice in action, thus improving workplace morale and productivity.

Your support in integrating the handicapped community into the workplace and society at large is, in itself, a worthy endeavor. Both you and the employee will profit from the mutually advantageous cooperation.


Work Service removes the obstacles in hiring the handicapped by:

  • Eliminating the bureaucratic barriers of complicated regulations and processes required in the hiring of the handicapped;
  • Supporting the employer’s HR department by taking over all the complicated formalities on hiring handicapped workers, including payroll and personnel management;
  • Consulting in all legal aspects, including tax and other benefits earned from affirmative hiring;
  • Conducting site visit to determine suitability of facility, make recommendations to meet code;
  • Preparing applications for EU and Polish infrastructural, training and other subsidies.


Benefits of affirmative hiring practices include:

  • Eliminating staff shortages;
  • Reducing employee rotation;
  • Profiting from potential talent;
  • Improving operational efficiency;
  • Reducing labor costs;
  • Enhanced image as a good corporate citizen;


A Solid Partner

Our experienced consultants are eager to share their comprehensive experience in hiring the handicapped earned from successfully placing, training and motivating thousands of qualified employees at hundreds of the leading companies in Poland and in the CEE.

Work Service is the region’s largest HR outsourcing company, with Poland’s largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process and the best reporting tools available. ISO certified quality and investments in IT technology guarantee the quality of our services and seamless communications with our customers.

Our clients appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned, including recognition of our affirmative action efforts by the Polish Association of the Deaf and Blind.


Contact our specialists at Work Service and put these qualified workers to work for you. Work Service’s mission of “linking the best with the brightest” is all inclusive.

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