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Outsourcing of Personnel Administration

It Pays to Partner with Work Service

Work Service’s personnel and payroll outsourcing solutions empower our clients to cut costs, increase quality and to concentrate their stretched financial and managerial resources on growing their core business. Years of experience have taught us that payroll services transcends abstract numbers as ordinary personnel administration tasks have an extraordinary impact on people lives. That is why dozens of leading companies entrust Work Service for flawless fulfillment of these essential, yet noncore, functions.

Work Service provides flexible solutions to meet our customers exact requirements. Clients can choose the integrated services package or individually select personnel administration or payroll services.

Personnel Administration Services include:

  • Comprehensive personnel record keeping (personal folders) that meet customer's internal reporting requirements while ensuring 100% compliance with local labor law,
  • Preparing and submitting all required legal filings and registrations, (ZUS, AET, ZWUA, PIP etc.), to reflect employees current employment status,
  • Recording and monitoring of employees working time, including overtime and night shifts,
  • Registration, monitoring and accounting for annual vacations and other absences including, unpaid leaves, child care / maternity leaves, sick leaves, special leaves, and others,
  • Preparing, recording and archiving of work contracts and amendments, employment certificates and other mandatory documentation relating to the probationary period, contract start, duration of employment and termination,
  • Auditing the existing validity of, and planning for, fire, health and safety training (BPH),
  • Ensuring that employees complete initial medical examinations and periodical check ups
  • Representation, assistance and cooperation with public administration institutions, including inspections and audits by the Social Insurance Institution, the National Labor Inspectorate and the tax authorities,
  • Preparation and submission of GUS statistical reports.


Payroll Services include:

  • Enter employee personal data into accounting program,
  • Calculation of net salary for each employee,
  • Calculation of base salary and additional compensation as per the employee’s contract,
  • Preparing and submitting payroll list to client’s accounting department, 
  • Calculation and collection of contributions for mandatory social and health insurance. Preparing and submitting Social Security authority (ZUS) monthly declarations (DRA, RCX, RSA, RZA) in regards to employees' contributions,
  • Calculation and collection of income tax withholdings and preparation of tax documentation (PIT-4R, PIT-8AR),
  • Preparation of employee pay slips detailing employee’s monthly and annual deductions for Security RMUA, IFT-1, and income tax (PIT-11, PIT-40),  
  • Confirming employment status and earnings for bank and loan declarations,
  • Preparing and sending monthly statements to National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund PFRON 
  • Transferring payment in electronic or paper form including, employee compensation, ZUS deductions, tax contributions and other. Transfers are made in accordance with agreed upon procedures, together with payroll on a fixed day each month. Upon client authorization, Work Service may make direct transfers from a dedicated client account.


Additional personnel services:

  • Design new or audit and modify existing work regulations, 
  • Design new or audit and modify existing rules governing the use of the company’s Social Fund, 
  • Audit documentation of personnel to ensure 100% compliance with existing labor and other regulations,
  • Performing adjustments of ZUS and PIT4R declarations upon authorities request to recalculate the employee’s contributions due to entering contract with current employer, 
  • Secure storing and archiving of personnel and payroll records, 
  • Conducting additional services not envisioned under the exiting contact owing to any new legally mandated reporting requirements.


Review our case study to see the solution in action.


Work Service guarantees:

  • Sharing Insights. Daily we meticulously guide hundreds of our clients through the labyrinth of payroll-related tax laws and regulatory mandates. We proactively recommend new strategies based upon anticipated changes in legislation directly affecting the financial, healthcare and mining sectors, among others,
  •  Punctuality in fulfilling obligations to employees and state institutions. With our ample technical and personnel resources, we can process the most complex payrolls accurately and on time regardless of employee fluctuation,
  • Reliability and uniform service level. Work Service cures the problems and expenses that plague in-house HR departments, including vacation schedules, illness and time spent training new hires,
  • State of the art information systems providing 24/7 reporting and other functions. Platforms used include, among other others, Teta Personnel System, CRM, and our internally developed program, WorkSpace),
  • Increased Productivity by giving our team the burdensome HR tasks, your employees can focus on doing growing your core competencies. Outsourcing these functions reduces the ratio between administrative and productive workers,
  • Accuracy. Payroll mistakes generate serious consequences, including decreased employee morale and engendering scrutiny from governmental authorities. Personnel and payroll services are our core competency, making our team far less likely to make errors than internal staff,
  • Security, in addition to ISO 27001:2005 certified confidentiality and data security Work Service backs up it claims for quality by maintaining liability insurance for our contracted services of 2 million PLN,
  • Accountability. We appreciate your business. We realize that If payments are delayed or paperwork is mishandled, you can switch to another service provider or hold us financially liable.


A Solid Partner

With many years of experience in providing outsourcing solutions, thousands of orders flawlessly executed and encyclopedic knowledge of existing and impending legislation Work Service guarantees an efficient, effective and risk free implementation of the service.

Work Service is the region’s largest HR outsourcing company with a proven recruitment process, the best management tools available and Poland’s largest database of qualified employees for outsourced HR functions.

Our customers appreciate Work Services innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned throughout the past decade.


We are eager to advise you on risk free implementation on outsourcing solutions for your personnel and payroll requirements. Contact us for a consultation.

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