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Assessment & Development Center

AC / DC , key in unlocking personnel’s potential

Work Service’s Assessment and Development Center services give our clients a competitive edge by identifying candidates with exceptional potential (AC) and continuous development of critical skills and competencies of their employees (DC). AC / DC services share a multiple assessment processes. A group of candidates/employees participate in a series of standardized exercises while Work Service’s team of trained assessors observes and evaluates each candidate/employee against a number of job specific criteria. Management can make informed selection or development decisions based upon accurate results provided by proven methodology.

Assessment Center (AC)

The success our consultants have achieved on qualifying key personnel confirms the conviction held by leading HR experts that a well designed assessment center is the most objective and accurate method of measuring professional potential. The process integrates the testing of theoretical knowledge with job simulation. This precisely verifies the candidate’s practical ability as well as behavioral and other “soft” skills that predicts job performance and indicates their ability to work as an effective team member or as a leader.

Observing and evaluating an individual’s performance in several job-specific exercises is a key element at the assessment center. Skilled Work Service advisors create the job simulation tasks to best reflect the skills and abilities most essential for success for a specific position. During the job simulation exercises, our consultants observe group decision making, assessing each individual’s contribution to the process. Standardize testing and measuring reveals each participant’s organizational skills, effectiveness in communication, persuasion talent, negotiation abilities and their behaviors in crisis situations.

AC testing of potential employees as an integral part of the recruitment process reduces turnover, minimizes costly errors in selection decisions and maximizes the likelihood of hiring high performers.


Development Center (DC)

Work Service development center services unlock talent and generates the best return from our clients’ investments in their staff.

A development center is a highly effective HR tool for designing professional development paths by clearly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of key individuals. The information empowers our clients to focus organizational efforts on developing critical skills and competencies of their employees for tangible and measurable bottom-line results.

A development center is an effectual method in achieving the company’s long term personnel policy objectives. Work Service and the client jointly analyze the input from the assessments, identify skill gaps, set organizational benchmarks and then determine what employee engagement is required.

Work Service teams are especially competent in sensitively discussing the evaluation results directly with the participant. The structured feedback provides a roadmap and plan to guide the employee in their personal development in the company.


Work Service provides a comprehensive Assessment & Development Center Services, including:

  • Job Analysis – to determine the competencies required for the successful performance of each position. This step involves extensive data gathering (e.g. interviews with job experts) to understand the jobs being evaluated and ensure content validity;
  • Identify, standardize and classify competencies and specific behavioral skills to be measured (aptitudes, skills, abilities, competencies, knowledge, etc.);
  • Develop specialized job and company competency exercises. To ensure accuracy, each competency has a minimum of two exercises;
  • Create job simulations;
  • Observations – evaluations conducted by a trained team;
  • Reporting;
  • Recommendations.


Work Service specialists assist our client in: 

  • Minimizing costly errors in selection and developmental decisions;
  • Quickly, yet accurately selecting candidates / employees’ with exceptional potential
  • Receiving objective information about candidate’s / employee’s professional qualifications;
  • Actual testing of the practical skills declared by candidates;
  • Identification of high potential managers –enabling the organization to best decide who possess the necessary abilities to be promoted and create a optimal professional development path;
  • Filling in training gaps to maximize employee performance;
  • Retaining key personnel.


A Solid Partnership

Our experienced consultants are eager to share their comprehensive experience in assessment & development  services earned from successful cooperation with leading companies in Poland and in the CEE.

Our long-term partnership with our clients makes the Work Service Group the largest HR outsourcing company in Poland and the region. This gives us unparalleled experience in a host of industries in seven countries. Poland’s largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process, the best reporting tools available, ISO certified quality and investments in IT technology guarantee the quality of our services and seamless communications with our customers.

Our clients appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned.


Contact a Work Service professional to place the proven AC/DC tools in your HR portfolio.

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