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Professionally piloting your company and people during workforce restructuring

Many companies in highly competitive sectors are increasingly under pressure to restructure their workforce to maintain profitability or as a last resort to save the business itself. Downsizing is always a difficult decision and fraught with future consequences for both the employer and employees. Work Service’s outplacement solutions mitigate the painful process of reverting to redundancies by helping your people quickly make their next career move. Thanks to the wide range of outplacement services, the employees that once contributed to your success will receive dedicated support for their personal career development. Your demonstrated assistance to former employees keeps the retained staff motivated and helps maintain a positive workplace atmosphere.

Work Service provides genuine help to those who are about to face a very competitive job market with the following services:

  • Access to job-search workshops and career clinics;
  • Individual assessment of career prospects and requirements using the latest HR tools;
  • Psychological support to boost self-esteem, confirm strengths and address any professional weaknesses;
  • Personalized career path recommendations,
  • Additional training and educational opportunities to strengthen professional credentials;
  • Serious consideration for placement at one of our 2200 partner companies based upon the worker’s experience, training, motivation and geographic location;
  • Temporary placement to gain new skills and experience;
  • Assistance in preparing resumes, motivation letters and interview techniques;
  • Executive outplacement for senior managers and directors on an individual basis.


We guarantee to:

  • Protect your interests by flawless fulfillment of the redundancy process, ensuring 100% legal compliance;
  • Unburden your HR department from the responsibility and onus of the difficult restructuring process;
  • Reduced conflicts and legal disputes as individuals appreciate your support in their transition;
  • Boost morale among retained staff by demonstrating that your core people values are intact through the company’s efforts in assisting affected employees get on with their lifes after layoff;
  • Maintain your credentials as a good corporate citizen with local authorities, media, customers and vendors.


A solid Partner

Work Service is uniquely qualified to assist all parties affected by the down sizing process. As Poland’s largest HR agency, we place thousands of workers daily at more than 2200 partners in six countries. This experience is especially valuable on outplacement success as we know first-hand the local employment challenges facing the recently unemployed. Our knowledgeable consultants are able help boost the professional qualifications of the workers to closely match the regional requirements.

Our customers appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned. We know that finding the right solution for you is finding the right job for them.


If you require providing personalized transitions to your people effected by optimizing employment levels while ensuring continuity of current operations, contact your Work Service consultant.



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