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Recruitment & Selection

Attract, Identify and Select the Best Talent

Work Service is the region’s leader in recruitment & selection services, creating and executing solutions that empower leading companies in Poland and Central Europe to always have the right personnel at the right place at the right time.

Work Service is the region’s leader in recruitment & selection services, creating and executing solutions that empower leading companies in Poland and Central Europe to always have the right personnel at the right place at the right time.

Work Service’s sector-specialist recruiters, based throughout Poland and the entire Central European region, know both the industry specific recruitment challenges you face as well as the local labor market. Equipped with our proprietary WorkSp@ce database with 200,000 constantly updated CVs, Work Service’s recruiters’ accurate, objective and timely selection decisions support our partners' efforts in building and sustaining a talented workforce.

Employees are a major investment and one of the most important factors driving your company’s success, making the accurate selection of workers a priority. Candidates must have demonstrated experience, meet the job’s qualifications and possess personality traits that match the values and culture of your organization. Our perceptive recruiters go well beyond the standard confirmation of the candidate’s knowledge, experience and professional competence by carefully evaluating their unique Individual characteristics to determine how they will fit into your company’s corporate culture. Integrating competency, motivational and cultural requirements into the recruitment and selection process provide you with highly qualified employees that share your mission and will thrive in your distinct company environment.

Work Service takes on short-term assignments or provides a continuous recruitment process for industries that are constantly expanding or experience higher employee turnover, such as BPO shared service centers and production facilities. Many clients choose long-term cooperation that places all of Work Service’s resources at their disposal to support and develop their internal HR departments.

Review our case study to see the solution in action.


Work Service recruits and selects a wide range of employees, including:

  • Executives (CEOs, CFOs, Directors and Board Members);
  • Senior Managers (Sales Manager, Chief Accountant, PR Manager, etc.);
  • Lower-Level Managers (Product Manager, Regional Manager);
  • Specialists in high-end niche sectors (Engineering, IT, Medical);
  • Professionals without managerial responsibilities (Marketing Specialists, Accountants, Brand Managers);
  • Staff Office (Assistants, Secretaries, Administration Offices);
  • Production and factory workers;
  • Skilled Laborers;
  • Construction workers.


We guarantee:

  • Saving time by providing concrete solutions directly related to your needs based upon a detailed analysis of individual recruitment requirements;
  • Assistance in preparing a suitable candidate personality profile, corresponding to the specific job requirements and your corporate culture;
  • To provide a wide range of proven tools during the interview process, including, individual exercises, language proficiency tests, manual skills and psychological diagnostics;
  • Establishing and maintaining various channels of communication with candidates;
  • A constantly updated database of candidates, the largest and most detailed in the region;
  • Comprehensive assessment of professional qualifications and personal suitability of the candidate and reference checks;
  • Selection for the appropriate;
  • Submitting a minimum of three qualified candidates for each position, each detailed on the submitted professional-personality profile documentation;
  • Reduce employee churn with proven efficiency in finding the right candidate exceeding the needs and expectations of employers;
  • To apply our comprehensive knowledge of the Central European labor market in the financial , accountancy, sales, marketing, production, logistics, IT and many other sectors;
  • Full discretion and confidentiality;
  • Guaranteed service quality;
  • Efficient fulfillment of international recruitments projects;
  • Open and flexible co-operation during the realization of all recruitment efforts.


A Solid Partnership

Our experienced consultants are eager to share their comprehensive experience in recruitment and selections earned from successfully placing thousands of qualified executives, managers and employees at hundreds of the leading companies in Poland and in the CEE.

Our long-term cooperation with our clients make the Work Service Group the largest HR outsourcing company in Poland and the region. Poland’s largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process, the best reporting tools available, ISO certified quality and investments in IT technology guarantee the quality of our services and seamless communications with our customers.

Our clients appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned.

Work Service’s separate divisions for the IT, Medical, Energy, FMCG/Retail sectors prove our commitment to provide industry specific solutions in these especially challenging sectors.


Contact our result-driven recruitment and selection experts. They will prove that Work Services lives up to its mission statement of “linking the brightest with the best”.


Recruitment process

Job analysis – job description and personal specification.

Create a profile of ideal candidate.

Advertising the vacancy, design strategies to attract candidates, Work Sp@ce selection, networking press and web advertising, direct / executive search.

Pre-selection, prepare long list.

Conduct interviews and tests with selected candidates.

Selection – verification of competence and references.

Create summary profiles and development recommendations.

Present to client final report.

Client conducts final interviews.

Final decision.

Follow up success report.

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