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Try & Hire

From temp to perm with time to learn

Joining a company on a permanent contact is a long-term commitment that mutually obligates both the employer and the employee. Work Service’s Try & Hire program links our recruitment with our temporary services to give both parties the opportunity to test their working relationship prior to permanent placement.

All candidates undergo Work Services vigorous recruitment process to verify the candidate’s knowledge, experience and professional competence. Our perceptive consultants also carefully evaluate the candidate’s unique Individual characteristics to determine how they will fit into your company’s corporate culture.

After targeted selection, Work Service delegates the employee to work exclusively at your company. Since the worker is employed by us as a temporary employee, Work Service is responsible for all payment, taxation and other administrative issues. Try & Hire saves our clients’ money and valuable HR resources during the probationary period. When the recruit proves their ability to flawlessly fulfill the function, the employer can decide at any time to hire the employee directly.


Try & Hires integrated recruitment and temporary services include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive recruitment and selection of candidates in Poland and abroad if necessary;
  • Prepare temporary work contract;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Personnel administration;
  • Management and control of temporary employee.


Main benefits of Try & Hire are:

  • Reduce commitment anxiety, both the employer and employee get to know each other in the actual work environment;
  • 100% verification of the employee’s skills and aptitude to fill the function and fit in the company;
  • Eliminate risk when placing new employees into permanent staff;
  • Shorter period of termination notice for temporary employees than those hired internally on a fixed probationary period;
  • Possibility to extend employee’s trial period;
  • Lowering labor costs during the initial period of temporary employment;
  • Reduce HR administrative expenses;
  • Flexible employment suited to the changing personnel needs of the client;
  • Providing replacement in event of illness or other leave.


A Solid Partnership

Try & Hire fulfills our mission of providing you with qualified employees that share your vision and will thrive in your distinct company environment.

Work Service is the region’s largest HR outsourcing company, with Poland’s largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process and the best reporting tools available. ISO certified quality and investments in IT technology guarantee the quality of our services and seamless communications with our customers.

Our clients appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned.


Contact us for a Try & Hire solution.

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