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Career Transition

Time for a change for the better.

There are many reasons that drive workers to explore new opportunities at various stages of their professional life. Some yearn for advancement and higher compensation. Others wish to increase job satisfaction by taking up fresh challenges in an entirely different field and position. Starting a family, moving to a new location or losing the current job compel many experience workers to change their occupations.

What ever your reason, change is feasible at any time when accompanied with desire, motivation and Work Service as your career consultant. Our professionals are eager to help you identify, train for and find a new job. Consider the following when making your new career move.

  • We are the biggest HR company in Poland, giving you access to thousands of jobs, with hundreds of positions at wide range of companies and industries
  •  Our tools and knowledge help you identify the industry and the workplace where you will find the best fit for your skills and goals.
  • Training programs help you achieve success from the first day on the new job.
  • Temporary employment services give you the chance to develop new skills for the career you want at preferred employers.
  • Success at a temporary employment puts you ahead on our list of potential candidates for permanent placement.
  • Over 20% of temporary workers are eventually hired full time with permanent work contracts.


Take the first step today on a new career path by contacting your Work Service career adviser.


Distinguishing yourself from the mass of newly minted graduates is nearly as challenging as completing your degree itself. Teaming up with us puts facts on your resume while developing your professional credentials.

We know from experience the importance of getting a good start on your career path. After all, we were once students too. (read more) more

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