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Careers for Graduates

Congratulations, you've graduated! Now what?

Distinguishing yourself from the mass of newly minted graduates is nearly as challenging as completing your degree. Preparing a job winning resume with limited work experience nearly requires a course in creative writing!

Cooperation with Work Service puts facts on your resume while developing your professional credentials.


Take the first step on your career path with Work Service’s proven road to success:

  • Earn life long skills in our sponsored vocational training programs.
  • Gain professional experience in a wide range of challenging functions at hundreds of leading companies with our temporary placement services. Well over 20% of our temporary placed workers earn a permanent position.
  • Already posses experience and skills? Work Service consultants are working on dozens of permanent placement projects daily.
  • Our transborder exchange program gives you valuable international experience without risk. Discover your true potential by working in multi-national teams on a wide range of projects and jobs.


Contact your Work Service career advisor to learn more. With your hard-won degree in hand, you’ve earned a good start!


Earn while you learn without sacrificing your student lifestyle. Freedom of choice! You choose when to work. Meet challenges and gain valuable experience. Team up with proven professionals to learn by doing, transforming theory into practice. Take your first career step now. more

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