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Good to know

Discover your Strengths

Work Service’s career consultants work with over 100 000 job seekers annually to develop their skills to find meaningful employment. These people come from all walks of life, including students, recent graduates, retirees and seasoned professionals seeking new career challenges.Before you can successfully find a job, you need to know what you are selling! We’ve created this guide to help you ...

Guide to effectively interpreting job ads

Accurately deciphering recruitment notices is one of the first skills a job seeker needs to master for two major reasons. Firstly avoiding discouragement and wasting yours and the recruiter’s time, you should only apply for positions where you clearly possess the requested skills, experience, education and abilities. The job should also meet your personal preferences and individual plans for ...

Guide to preparing a Professional CV

„CV' (Curriculum Vitae - Latin for 'life story'), or in some countries its called a 'resume', however you spell it, this is the most important tool in your arsenal of application documents to win your dream job. It works as your personal advertisement to sell yourself to a prospective employer. The CV and accompanying cover letter are key to making you look like a person the company would like to ...

Guide to crafting a convincing cover letter

The cover letter is your first chance to make a good impression on the prospective employer. The letter and the CV form a whole and work in tandem to interest the prospective employer to select you out of dozens of candidate for an interview. One of the worse mistakes a job seeker can make is to write a brief note stating ‘please find enclosed my CV’ as the main content of the cover letter. CVs, ...

Successful Interview Techniques Guide

Good Work! Your CV and cover letter convincing conveyed that you have the skills and qualifications required for your dream job. Out of many applications, the potential employer has invited a selective few, including you, to participate in the all important interview. While this is a major step in successfully securing meaningful employment, it is much too early for self-congratulations, it’s ...

Post Interview Success Guide

The post-interview stage of a job search gives you the opportunity to demonstrate both your professionalism and enthusiasm as well as preparing yourself for more success in following interviews.


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