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International Jobs

High Earnings, Zero Risk

Our International Placement service is your passport to explore career opportunities in the European Union. Discover your true potential in meeting challenges while working in multinational teams on a wide range of projects and jobs. Leading companies highly value transborder experience and proven language skills.

Our consultants illuminate the path to international success making sure your job search is not a blind jump into the dark.


Our international placement services are “all inclusive” and provide you with:

  • Security - we place our employees only with proven and inspected employers.
  • Protection - we negotiate the work contract on your behalf. Your consultant will discuss in detail your rights and responsibilities prior to signing any agreements.
  • Training and Certification - Work Service increases your value by making sure you possess all the proper preparation and documentation for the best paying jobs.
  • Assistance with accommodations - depending upon assignment and need, Work Service will help secure short or long term housing.
  • On-Site guidance - you will have direct access to a bilingual consultant to help you transition to a new work and living environment.
  • Free placement service - we don’t charge you for these services, and we’ll put this promise in writing.


Contact your Work Service international career consultant for risk free placement in the European Union and beyond. Partnering with Work Service’s international offices now will translate into your future success.


Thousands of physically challenged employees we placed at dozens of employers prove that ambition knows no barriers. We work with employers to shown your strengths and to lend a hand in meeting the various procedures and requirements that often hinder hiring the handicapped.
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