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Job for students

Make your grades while getting paid!

Juggling work and studies requires a degree in itself! Fixed class schedules, hectic student life and pursuing passions and dreams all take time and importantly money.

Work Service is highly educated in helping students find the time to earn while they learn with our temporary placement services.


Temporary placement at Work Service gives you:

  • Flexibility, work mornings, afternoons or evenings on weekends or weekdays. You decide.
  •  Experience, learn new job skills and improve the ones you have at hundreds of companies in dozens of branches.
  • Practical Knowledge, team up with proven professionals and learn by doing, transforming theory into practice.
  • More Time, after a short introductory interview, we assign you job assignments by telephone. Instead of looking for work, you’ll be working.
  • International Expertise, Our transborder worker exchange program exposes you to a wider world of work and providing valuable, career enhancing experience.
  • Money, Instead of an nonpaid practicum you’ll be earning while learning life-long skills.


Contact your Work Service career consultant and improve the value of both your bank account and resume! They are eager to help, after all, they were once students too!


Earn while you learn without sacrificing your student lifestyle. Freedom of choice! You choose when to work. Meet challenges and gain valuable experience. Team up with proven professionals to learn by doing, transforming theory into practice. Take your first career step now. more

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