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What exactly is temporary work?

Temporary work is a form of employment, which involves three parties: the employee, the temporary employment agency and the agency’s client, the so-called user employer.


 Legally, Work Service, the temporary employment agency, is your employer. Work Service delegates you to our client’s, the user employer, to perform agreed upon tasks. Work Service, as formal employer, is responsible for the administrative and legal agreements. We pay your salary, make the mandatory tax and social insurance deductions, and grant leaves and vacations. The relationship between all parties is transparent.

Temporary employment by definition is for a specific period. As a temporary employee Work Service delegates you to work at the user employer for a predetermined time ranging from several days to several months, or the actual time required to finish a specific task.

Under current Polish law, the maximum time an agency can place a temporary employee at one employer user may not exceed 18 months within a 3 year period.

Benefits of Temporary Work 


Temporary work brings with it many benefits:

  • Working time flexibility.
    You, as the temporary employee, informs Work Service about the days and hours you are available to work. Your career adviser will present you with job offers that take account of your availability. This allows you to combine work with your other responsibilities such as childcare, attending higher education or enjoying an active retirement.


  • Opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn new skills.
    Work Service provides thousands of workers to fill hundreds of positions at more than 2200 employers in dozens of industries. You can find the challenges that suit you best. Temporary work enriches your resume and will be a real asset in future job searches.


  •  Opportunity for permanent employment.
    The user employer often considers temporary work as part of the probationary period. Currently 20% of our temporary placed employees find full time employment with the user employer.


  • Additional earning opportunity.
    Temporary work flexibility enables you to generate additional income regardless if you are a student, retiree or have an existing full time job.







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