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Work Service traineeship and experience

Learn the realities of the business you will be professionally involved in the future. Get to know how a given company operates. What an employer is guided by while choosing a candidate for a job. Gain valuable experience.

Do you know why Work Service is so special? For instance, it is one of few employers open to persons without professional experience. We want students to gain it with us. We offer a number of solutions allowing you to acquire your first professional skills still during your studies.

If you choose temporary work, you will get to know the realities of various businesses while working in the manner adjusted to your schedule. You can gain experience in the morning or evening, at weekends or on business days. And if you want to broaden your horizons and try your hand abroad, go to work abroad with Work Service

Caring about developing your competencies we also offer you participation in training and traineeship programmes organized by us.


Boost the value of your CV with Work Service.


Distinguishing yourself from the mass of newly minted graduates is nearly as challenging as completing your degree itself. Teaming up with us puts facts on your resume while developing your professional credentials.

We know from experience the importance of getting a good start on your career path. After all, we were once students too. (read more) more

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