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Reasons to invest in Work Service Shares

  • Work Service operates on attractive and growing market of personnel services.
  • Work Service S.A. is leading player of personnel services market segment in Poland and in Central Europe, and firs company from personnel services industry listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • The market for personnel services, in which Work Service operates, is a large and attractive sector. In 2017, the industry’s estimated value was around 1,5 billion Euros in Poland and about 3,3 billion Euros in the CEE-4 region (Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia).
  • Work Service operates for firm and stable portfolio of customers from industrial and automotive production, services, logistic and retail sectors.
  • Importance of personnel services agencies is growing, Work Service has a highly recognizable among customers and candidates brand.
  • Work Service hires over 40 thousands employees on a daily basis in following countries: Poland, Hungary, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Belgium and Austria.
  • Due to it’s subsidiaries Work Service is supporting cross border employee exchange on the markets of European Union.
  • Based on wide range of activities and its experience Work Service is able to effectively eliminate lack of workforce resources issue.
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