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Work Service – a strategic partner of the Polish Economic Congress


The Congress was held on 5 and 6 March 2012. It was the first economic congress organised in the capital city of Poland, being the largest meeting that gathers representatives of the government, public administration, regulatory bodies, politicians, representatives of the world of science and key representatives of the world of business. Our company was one of the event’s strategic partners.

Work Service – an Economic Forum partner


During 5 and 6 March the 19th Economic Forum, in which we were a partner, was organised by the Integration and Cooperation Association in Toruń. The topic of the conference was “Economic crossborder system contacts”. Polish economic issues, the background of which were current political developments, were discussed.

Greater revenues from the public offer will help Work Service enter new markets


Due to improving situation on capital markets, Work Service S.A. decided to increase the maximum price for its shares to the amount of PLN 7.5. The Company has already found its first investor which guaranteed taking up as much as 5 million series L shares. Work Service plans to allocate funds obtained as a result of the first public offer to the acquisition of IT Kontrakt and other companies ...

Software Legality Certification


The authorized use of legal software and IT security are crucial elements in maintaining a high level of reliability and service. After conducting an extensive, company-wide audit of our IT infrastructure, Microsoft awarded Work Service with its Software Asset Management (SAM) certificate.   Certyfikat_Microsoft_oprogramowanie (219.62 kB)  

Economic Forum in Krynica


In 2011 Work Service S.A. was one of the partners of 21st Economic Forum in Krynica, called the Polish Davos.

Work Service attends the 11th Symposium of Telecommunications and Media Market


The Symposium is the annual meeting of telecommunication and media leaders in Poland and the region. Work Service, as a long time and experience outsourcing partner for the branch, represented the HR sector at the symposium held March 23-24 2011.

Work Service finalist for “Hit of the Year, 2011, for Financial Institutions”


Work Service received honorable mention in service category of the “Hit of the Year’ competition sponsored by Gazeta Bankowa, Poland’s leading financial monthly. The competition seeks the best products, services and technology solutions offered by vendors specifically for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Work Service, the best HR partner for Banks in 2011


Work Service took first place in the rankings published by Gazeta Bankowa for the best HR company for the banking sector. The influential monthly conducted a poll of leading financial institutions, inquiring which HR agency the banks were currently working with and their level of satisfaction with the services. Based upon the results, Gazeta Bankowa published a list of the best 20 HR service ...

Work Service Vice President, Darius Rochman, Regional Outsourcing Leader


On June 4th, 2010, Gazeta Finansowa published a special report dedicated to the leading firms and personalities in Poland’s rapidly growing outsourcing sector. Work Service featured prominently in the article with Vice President, Darius Rachman, joining 25 professionals denoted as industry leaders by the prestigious publication.

Another Year Among the Largest


Work Service continues advancing in the rankings of Poland’s largest companies according to the nation’s premier publications. This year we advanced 13 places to take position 326 on “Polityka’s” annual top 500 list. “Rzeczpospolita” ranked Work Service as number 410, a jump of 6 positions from 2009.


Gi Group Poland contact

tel. +48 692 186 083


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