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Current reports

Current report 43_2020 - Signing of Annex No. 8 to the Loan Agreement of 18 November 2015 and other documents specified in the Restructuring Agreement


Current report 42_2020 - Conclusion of a cooperation agreement on debt restructuring between the Company and the Issuer's lending banks


Current report 40_2020K - Correction of the Current report 40_2020 dated 1 July 2020 and 3 July 2020 - Removing mistakes in numbering


Current report 40_2020 - Concluding by the Issuer of Annex no. 1 to the Investment Agreement and extension of the deadline for payment of bridge financing


Current report 39_2020 - Conclusion of a conditional agreement for the sale of W, X and Z series bonds between the Company and the bondholders


Current report 38_ 2020 - Delegating the Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board to temporarily perform the duties of a Member of the Management Board


Current report 37_2020 - New date for submitting Individual and Consolidated Annual Report for 2019


Current report 36_2020 - Expressing consent by the antitrust authority in Serbia to take over control the Company by the Investor


Current report 35_2020 - Conclusion of the conditional agreement for the sale of share rights in Work Service GmbH & Co. KG


Current report 34_2020 - Conclusion by the Issuer of an annex to the installment arrangement with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)



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