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Subscription for Work Service S.A. shares is launched on 8 March

The Management Board of Work Service S.A. has decided to carry out the public offering in March 2012. The final price and number of shares which will be offered in individual tranches will be announced on 7 March.

In the last months we have observed positive signals coming from institutional investors. As compared to the end of 2011 we witness market revival which may translate into an increased activity of buyers, and at the same time the price of shares,comments Tomasz Hanczarek, President of the Management Board of Work Service S.A. In accordance with our assessment, in March we expect further improvement of the situation. Therefore we have decided to carry out the public offering next month,adds Tomasz Hanczarek.        
Work Service is a unique company on the Polish market. Currently, we are the largest company in Poland operating on the personnel services market whose growth rate amounts to more than 20% annually. Moreover, the beginning of 2012 showed that Work Service stands a chance of obtaining the best results ever. We will be the first HR sector company which will appear on WSE. We develop very dynamically also during the period of economic slowdown, therefore we are convinced that it will be an attractive offer for investors,concludes Dariusz Rochman, Vice-President of Work Service S.A.        

Shares will be subscribed for in an open tranche as part of which 5 million series L shares will be offered and Institutional Investors tranche as part of which the authorized entities can subscribe for 15 million shares. Subscriptions for no less than 100 shares will be accepted.        
The final price for series L shares will be announced to the public after the process of building the book of investor demand is completed and published on 7 March 2012.

The Prospectus of Work Service S.A. is available here

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