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The Changer of Polish Industry Title for Work Service

Work Service has received the title 'Changer of Polish Industry' (Ten, który zmienia polski przemysł) for building in 2013, through successful acquisitions and continuous extension of competences, a dominant position on the HR market in Central and Eastern Europe. The distinction was awarded by Miesięcznik Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł (New Industry Economic Monthly) and the portal on 17 February 2014 in Warsaw during the Changing Polish Industry Forum (Forum Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł).

The Work Service S.A. capital group is among the winners of this prestigious distinction thanks to the effective pursuit of a strategy involving the assumption of the position of leader on the HR market in Central and Eastern Europe. The key acquisitions and continuous extension of competences have enabled the company to compete with major global providers. In the course of its 15 years of activity Work Service has gone from a local firm recruiting temporary staff to an international player and expert on the personnel services market in Poland and wider Europe. Over one million Poles have already found employment at home and abroad through our work. The company collaborates with over 2,000 business clients, operating on eight European markets (Poland, Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia).

“This is a very important distinction for us and another motivator to achieve further ambitious targets,” underlined Tomasz Hanczarek, Chairman of Work Service, receiving the award. “Through ever greater investments in the technological development of the capital group, by capturing new markets and recruiting staff for work abroad, we will strive to ensure that soon 10 million Poles will have found work thanks to us,” he continued.

“Poland has at its disposal the immense capital that is human capital,” added Tomasz Misiak, President of the Supervisory Board at Work Service. “The unstable situation of Turkey and the vast potential of Polish employees may be decisive factors in us becoming the productive centre of this part of the world. This is a chance for Poland to join the strongest economies of Europe,” he continued.

The editorial section of Miesięcznik Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł and the portal have now awarded the Changer of Polish Industry distinctions for the 14th time. Among the winners of past years are to be found people, institutions and enterprises having contributed to the development of the economy through the effective use of market opportunities and implementation of innovative changes in Polish industry. The recipients this year included also Janusz Lewandowski, Jerzy Buzek and Leszek Miller.



Work Service Capital Group has operated since 1999 and is the largest service provider on the Polish personnel services market. It conducts its activity throughout the country by way of a network of branch offices as well as abroad in seven countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It specializes in reorganizations in the area of HR, recruitment of skilled staff, personnel consultancy and the outsourcing of functions linked with human resources management. It also offers solutions utilizing temporary employment contracts. Over 2,000 firms have already chosen Work Service as their partner in business, and close to 250,000 people find employment through its services annually. Work Service is the first company from the personnel services sector to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. More information is available at


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