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Announcement about convening the meeting of holders of bonds of series T


Announcement about convening the meeting of holders of bonds of series W


Announcement about convening the meeting of holders of bonds of series Y


Changes in the divestiture of Exact Systems


On 21 May, Work Service S.A. concluded Heads of Terms for the sale of all of its 69% shares in Exact Systems (the “Company”). The managers in charge of the Company – Paweł Gos and Lesław Walaszczyk, being minority shareholders of Exact Systems currently holding on aggregate 24% of the shares – joined forces with funds co-managed by CVI Dom Maklerski Sp. z o.o. (“CVI“) as buyers. The prior ...

Change in the management board of Work Service S.A.


On 8 December Piotr Gajek submitted his resignation from the office of Vice President of Work Service S.A. This, however, is not the end of his cooperation with the company. He will continue to advise the Board’s President on restructuring the Work Service Group and implementing the newly adopted strategy. 

Work Service after 3 quarters: solid results and a new Group strategy for the years 2018-2020


Through the first nine months of 2017, the revenues of the Work Service Capital Group have exceeded PLN 1,975 billion with an operating profit of almost PLN 52 million. Including the results of continuing activities, all key business factors reached double-digit growth over the previous year. The last 3 quarters were a time of considerable transformation for the Group with respect to both its ...

Double-digit improvement of business results and continuation of transformation


Revenues of Work Service Group in H1 2017 reached PLN 1.34 billion and increased by over 11% YoY. Sales profit increased in the said period by nearly 30% YoY, while operating result improved by 14% YoY. Process of sale of shares in Groups IT Kontrakt and Proservice was completed within the ongoing Group’s transformation in H1, leading to non-cash deduction, which ...

In 2016, Work Service increased revenues and launched transformation processes


The Work Service capital group ended the year with consolidated revenues of PLN 2.48 billion, which constituted an increase of 16% year-on-year (higher than the  dynamic of the Central and Eastern Europen market which was estimated to grow by 13%). The company has implemented several changes and announced further transformation in upcoming months. Moreover, the Group, for the first time in ...

Work Service Group sells IT Kontrakt in order to increase market presence in temporary staffing while streamlining the organization


On March 31, 2017, Work Service S.A. („WS Group”) signed a preliminary share purchase agreement related to the sale of its shares in IT Kontrakt sp. z o.o. („ITK”) to a private equity fund Oaktree Capital Management represented in Poland by Cornerstone Partners. The transaction proceeds of PLN 147m will be used to repay liabilities and finance expansion in WS Group’s core business i.e. temporary ...

New member of the Management Board of Work Service S.A.


On 20 April 2017, the Supervisory Board appointed Krzysztof Rewers as a member of the Management Board of Work Service S.A. He will take the position of Vice-President responsible for supervision of the financial and accounting policy of the Group and financial supervision of Subsidiaries of the Work Service Capital Group.

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