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The Group’s Range of Outsourcing Services

Your non-core activities are our key competencies.

Outsourcing resource consuming back-office functions empowers enterprises to focus on what they do best, the actual activities that make their company successful.

While others take orders, our consultants take full responsibility in creating customized outsourcing solutions and in delivering the guaranteed results. Thanks to our services, our clients dedicate their busy professionals and valuable financial resources on realizing strategic goals, increasing revenue and decreasing costs without sacrificing quality, transparency or control of outsourced HR functions.

Over 2 200 companies throughout Poland and Central Europe count on Work Service’s extensive experience, individual approach and long-term stability.. We’ve forged a strong group of specialist outsourcing companies staffed with experts from a wide range of industries. Work Service’s teams master the details on surmounting the sector specific financial, recruitment, sales and personnel challenges you confront daily.

Our consultants possess hard-won expertise from hands-on experience that empower Work Service to speedily deliver customized HR solutions, workforce cost optimization and operational security. We proactively anticipate changes in technology, legal environment and local labor market trends to enable our clients be leaders rather than the lead.

Our dozens of offices located across Poland and Central Europe are ideally situated to serve ‘local’ client and eagerly work with our other divisions for effective transborder recruitment efforts. 


Our outsourcing services provide dedicate solutions for:


Explore Work Service divisions and dedicated solutions that link the brightest with the best.

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