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Outsourcing Services for the Medical Sector

Outsourcing Services for the Medical Sector.

Restoring the sector’s financial health.


The Work Service Group launched a specialized outsourcing company, Medi Staff, to help health care institutions cure the problem of maintaining a legally mandated level of service on severely limited budgets. Our comprehensive outsourcing treatment plan to restore our clients’ financial health includes medical personnel leasing and payroll services

Health care providers face critical shortages of doctors, nurses and medical technicians created by increased competition from private providers and economic migration. Medi Staff personnel outsourcing services ensure that medical institutions provide quality health care by maintaining the right amount of trained medical staff without the need to place them permanently on the payroll. The leasing of health care professionals remedies the personnel difficulties caused by staff shortages created by temporary patient overloads, vacations and other mandatory leaves of absences while reducing direct overhead cost.

Medi Staff optimizes health care providers’ payroll and upkeep costs with a wide range of services, including medical personnel management, providing actual medical services and the outsourcing of personnel and payroll functions. Medi Staff’s subsidiary, Cleanup, provides hospitals with 24/7 janitorial and hygiene solutions. Hospital administrators concentrate on their patients’ health while Medi Staff cleans up, a proven prescription for outsourcing success.

Medi Staff’s Services include:

Medi Staff guarantees Heath care providers:


A solid partner

A highly motivated and specially trained staff, proven procedures, strict compliance with all health codes and safety regulations and industry specific, cost-effective solutions make Medi Staff uniquely qualified to exceed your expectations for an outsourcing partner.

Medi Staff consultants possess encyclopedic knowledge of existing and impending legislation governing public and private heath care providers. Combined with extensive experience earned by providing sector specific outsourcing services, our team proactively develops new solutions to continually optimize cost-saving opportunities.

Our customers appreciate Work Service’s innovative solutions as proven by the awards and other distinctions we’ve earned throughout the past decade.

As a member of the Work Service family, the region’s largest HR outsourcing company, Medi Staff has access to Poland’s largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process and the best reporting tools available.


Contact us to learn how we can apply our strong outsourcing medicine to strengthen your health care facility’s financial fitness.

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