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Work Service Group: a leader on the temporary job market in Hungary


Prohuman, a company owned by Work Service Group became a leader on the temporary job market in Hungary. Since 2010 it increased its revenue by 600%, and improved its sales by 38% in 2015 only. Last year, Prohuman employed as many as 17 000 temporary workers, significantly outclassing its competitors. The current conditions of the Hungarian job market, with its low unemployment rate and growing staff shortages increase the demand for employment agency services. 

In 2012 Prohuman reached an EBIT of 1.2 mln EUR with a revenue of 24.9 mln EUR, and was a leader on the temporary job market in Hungary. In 2015 for the first time the company became the number one business in the field with and EBIT of 4.14 mln EUR and over 81.35 mln EUR in revenue.  

The success of Prohuman in Hungary illustrates how Work Service Group plans to work and develop in the future. Entering new markets and making new acquisitions, we wish to make the most of our assets and experience in job recruitment, and become a leader in our field. For this reason, it is our priority for the upcoming months to further integrate our activities and improve our effectiveness– Maciej Witucki  The President of the Management Board of Work Service S.A.


Prohuman and its competitors

Prohuman, present on the Hungarian market since 2004, is one of the youngest consulting companies in Hungary. In December 2013 Work Service took over 75% of its shares and focused on developing Prohuman in the field of temporary work services. The company, apart from being successful financially, is now also a leader in temporary worker employment. Last year, the average employment reached 7 000 people, with a total of 17 000. In a ranking by the Budapest Business Journal, headed by Prohuman, Adecco (8 900) ranked second, and Trenkwalder (6 900) third.

Our acquisition strategy in Hungary is part of our international development strategy, aimed at expanding out scope geographically, with a simultaneous further diversification of our business activity. Hungary was experiencing a large increase in automotive and production-related investments, which allowed Prohuman to become an uncontested leader in Hungary, and Work Service Group in all Eastern Europe in the field of temporary work–Tomasz Misiak, The President of the Supervisory Board of Work Service


The Hungarian job market

The job market in Hungary is currently peaking and is one of the most rapidly developing markets in Europe. For two years now, the market is owned by the employees: the unemployment rate is among the lowest in Europe (5,9%, with the EU average of 10,3% and 6,8% in Poland). Good economic indicators and an increase in investments foster employment growth, which now reaches 65% among 15- to 64-year olds. At the same time, the minimum wage in Hungary is also significantly lower than in Poland.

The most significant challenge for Hungarian, as much as Polish employers, are staff shortages. Many foreign workers who speak Hungarian, including those from Serbia and Slovakia, enter the Hungarian job market to address the demand. In such cases the role of a temporary job agency is crucial, with its experience and know-how being able to fill the staff  shortages in various companies, in the automotive and production sector in particular –Wojciech Mora, Managing Director, Prohuman.

According to OECD, the average salary in Poland reaches 23 600 USD, placing it on the 6th-but-last place among OECD countries. However, it ranks higher than Hungary whose average income is 21 300 USD.




Work Service capital investment group since 1999 has been the largest provider of complex HR services on the Polish market. It conducts  business throughout the whole country through a network of branches, and internationally in 16  countries (Russia, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and China). It specializes in consulting and HR restructuring, as well as in recruitment and employee outsourcing. Over 3000 companies already chose Work Service as its business partner. Over 50 000 employees every day and 300 000 every year find employment through the aid of companies which belong to the Work Service capital investment group. Work Service  is the first consulting company indexed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.




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