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Work Service a partner of the European Economic Congress


Validity and adequacy, but above all the opening of a debate focused on the future, new development trends, new ways of thinking about Europe and the European economy in the world - these are the trademarks of the European Economic Congress, which Work Service is a partner of.

During the seventh edition of the Congress (20-22 April 2015) among the main subjects of a discussion we can discern: an aggressive investment project aiming to remove the ghost of stagnation from Europe (the so-called Juncker’s Plan), the issues of practical implementation of the idea of innovation in the European economy and the dilemmas concerning the power sector, reindustrialization as well as the climate protection policy - areas closely related to each other. Tomasz Misiak - the President of the Supervisory Board of Work Service SA, on the second day of the Congress talked about the matter of the expansion of the Polish business abroad, whereas on the third day Tomasz Hanczarek - the President of the Management Board of Work Service SA talked about the labour market. The account on both debates was published in Reczpospolita.

We will not avoid questions about the political future of Europe going through a solidarity crisis after a financial one and suffering from a lack of internal integrity. New expectations regarding the role of the government in economy led to a discussion on the regulation and free market, competition and protectionism.

In the face of global challenges, the agenda had to include a thematic path, broadened each year, on the investments of European companies on remote markets and cooperation with the most dynamic economies of the world.

We will devote more attention to the matters of business responsibility in the context of the labour market and the state of young Europeans. Especially for them, the Congress implements a separate project aimed to young leaders, who in a near future will create our political and economic reality.

Traditionally, the programme of the Congress did not lack debates on problems in particular branches of industry, infrastructure, finance, regional development and public health.


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