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Work Service awarded with the Business Credibility Certificate


The era of widespread use of deferred payments has brought about the problem of payment backlogs. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous for small and medium-sized companies having unlimited liability for the consequences of illiquidity. Those whose financial data guarantee a high level of liquidity have been increasingly gaining market value. The Certificate is given only to those companies which meet strictly defined criteria; therefore, being awarded it is a prestigious distinction for Work Service S.A. The Business Credibility Certificate ensures that its holder is a reliable business partner with which it is worth establishing commercial contacts.

Granted by Dun & Bradstreet Poland, the award is acknowledged throughout the world. The group of companies honoured with the award includes only those which have been assessed by D&B Poland  and rated to have the highest or high stability levels. The certificate holders’ financial data guarantee a high level of profitability, financial fitness and liquidity, while their debts and recorded overdue payments amount to negligible sums

Dun & Bradstreet Poland is a specialist in compiling commercial reports on companies from around the world. Company credibility and stability are evaluated by D&B’s analysts and rated on the basis of the payment morality analysis in accordance with the DunTrade® program, the analysis of financial indices from the latest available financial statements, Poland's largest relational database of corporate and personal relations.


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