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Work Service takes part in a charitable tennis tournament


From 13 to 15 June, at the tennis-courts of the Olympic Club Tennis & Sports in Wrocław, the ABSL Open Tennis Cup was held. It is a unique event, which combines rivalry with charity and integration of the business environment. Our representative, Jan Banasikowski, won 3rd place. Congratulations!

Part of funds collected during the cup will go to the patients of "Między Niebem a Ziemią" foundation ("Between Heaven and Earth"). The event is organized by Wrocław ABSL Chapter, which brings together companies from the sector of innovative business services that operate in the capital of Lower Silesia.

ABSL Open Tennis Cup 2014 was an event open to all employees of member companies of ABSL, the largest association of employers from the sector of innovative business services, employing over 120,000 people. The aim of the tennis cup is to collect funds for the charity "Między Niebem a Ziemią", as well as to integrate employees under sport competition.

'ABSL Open Tennis Cup 2014 is one of the first among such big events, which for a noble goal combine the ever growing local circle of representatives of innovative business services. Foreign service centres already employ in Poland as mamy as 128,000 workers, of which 20,500 specialists work in Wrocław, where the tournament is held. 'We want to use the vast charitable potential of our trade and the enthusiasm of the employees for charity activities,' says Agnieszka Orłowska, the director of Wrocław branch of ABSL and the President of HP Global Business Center. 'The tournament allows the people taking part in ABSL Open Tennis Cup to combine a healthy, sports rivalry with supporting charity. Its meaning is even more significant as the companies are increasingly eager to engage in various actions connected with corporate social responsibility in their aim to respond to the most urgent needs of the citizens of Wrocław,' adds Agnieszk Orłowska.

The following companies are the gold and silver sponsors of ABSL Open Tennis Cup 2014: Event-Factory, Linkleaders Communication & Consulting and Work Service.


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