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Start with Work Service

Got a diploma! What next?

A start. It is worth getting ready for that. Irrespective of the fact whether you have already got some professional experience or it is your first time on the labour market, it is good to start with specialist support.

The Work Service specialists understand how important the first steps graduates take on the labour market are. Regardless of the fact whether you have a clearly defined plans for the future or you are still trying out different possibilities which are offered to you by the market, we are well prepared to meet your expectations.

If you need professional experience, contact with employers representing businesses of interest to you and development of your qualifications,

Work Service offers various forms of employment to you. Temporary or permanent work, in Poland and abroad as well as attractive traineeship programmes. You will gain experience which will help you along your further career path. . You will get to know the organizational culture of the companies of interest to you, the nature of work and experienced specialists from whom you can learn in practice. The statistics show that every fifth temporary employee gets permanent employment.

Irrespective of the form of employment you will choose, it is worth doing your best and finding yourself among the best ones.


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