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Together we have great power – initiative by Work Service Foundation


“Together we have great Power!” is the motto of the campaign organized by the Work Service S.A. Foundation and by Work Service company, whose aim is to help our company colleague whose son Nikodem was born with a very serious heart defect. The campaign is targeted at the employees of Work Service Group and at major supplier’s of the company.

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Local physicians could only offer palliative treatment for the child. A really grand chance for the baby came from the University Clinic in Munster, Germany, where a remarkable specialist in children’s heart surgery, prof. Edward Malec, qualified Nikodem for cardiac surgery treatment and undertook to commence it in his clinic. The surgery has been estimated to cost EUR 36,500 (approximately PLN 160,000). This amount was not attainable for the parents, but, as it turns out, it is attainable for US!

The incredible happened – Nikodem, with the help of Work Service S.A., gathered the amount of PLN 85,582.37! Half of the sum was collected by our employees; the other half was added by Work Service S.A.

Work Service S.A. did not stop there. We decided to contact our largest partners. Eventually, in a very short time, Nikodem collected the total sum of PLN 188,085.14 + EUR 1,000.

This was a STAGGERING and up to then an UNATTAINABLE amount for the child and his family. As a result, two days ago we received regards sent by Nikodem from Munster. He sent his regards on the fourth day after the surgery. Today we learnt that he is getting better with each day!


We have proved that TOGETHER we have GREAT POWER, which makes it possible for some of us to believe in... miracles.


We would like to thank all of you, also our business partners, for the support and participation in the action.




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