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Jobs for the physically challenged

When ambition surmounts disability.

Our corporate philosophy guides and inspires Work Service’s career consultants. All our employees adhere to our core value of being open to all people to inspire workforce solutions. We operate under the principle that everyone deserves a job that reflects their skills, experience and ambition regardless of any physical challenge.

We work closely with our 2,200 partners representing the leading companies in Poland and Central Europe to find mutually rewarding employment for workers whose ambitions are bigger than their disabilities.

Work Service’s sponsoring of work fairs and other events, as well as the lobbying and education of our clients, have successfully convinced hundreds of employers that handicapped workers posses are more company loyaltyloyal, motivationmotivated and  reliable , reliability than their non-disabled counterparts. The stability, productivity and talents of these workers more than compensate for their disability. Our hands-on experience in successfully placing thousands of  physically challenged employees in a host of industries is a convincing argument that the any required investments in infrastructural improvements and the need to adhere to various work regulations governing hiring the handicap are quickly recovered.

Work Service links your needs with that of the employers.


For employers, we provide with the following services to surmount hurdles in hiring the handicapped:

Benefits for you, the Worker:


 Contact your Work Service career consultant, together we’ll remove the obstacles you face in finding meaningful employment.

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