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The Work Service S.A. Capital Group is the biggest player on the Polish HR services market. Since 1999 Work Service has evolved from a company delivering temporary workers to commercial chains and further providing modern employee outsourcing models for the largest production companies to the position of expert and advisor on the HR market. Annually 300 thousand people find jobs due to Work Service. The company cooperates closely with 3000 Clients for which it employs and services over 50 thousand Employees every day. 

The Work Service S.A. Capital Group in its actions focuses on development while remaining dynamic in acquisition of new clients, building loyalty of its portfolio of clients and using existing niches on the HR market. Work Service is the first company in the personnel services sector to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Being listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange allows Work Service to continue active consolidation of broadly divided labour market in Poland, which translates into additional expansion of the company’s range of services. Staring form 2016 Work Service is dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange.



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