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Prohuman came to life in 2004 as an enterprise specialized in personnel-related services. We provide comprehensive HR services for our partners in the areas of temporary and permanent placement, consulting and outsourcing. Our goal is to contribute to the business successes of our clients with our decade of substantial experience.


In 2014, we reached a new landmark. We have joined the Work Service S.A. network.

In 2014 – as one of the largest HR service providers – we ensured job opportunities for over 10,000 people under the temporary staffing model. Furthermore, we helped roughly 2,000 students get acquainted with the world of work and placed nearly 400 people in our partners’ headcount. We provided payroll services for over 12,000 employees and managed fringe benefits for over 5,000 people.

The leading role that we play in our country is primarily due to our sound knowledge of the market, our highly-qualified expert team and our satisfied partners. We – every single one of us – have the ambition to offer job opportunities to as many applicants as possible and to provide comprehensive support to partner companies using our HR services.

PROHUMAN range of services

  • Secondment of workforce (temporary workers): We provide you help to manage temporary and/or long-term workforce needs in both the white and blue collar segments.

Our experience and nationwide network guarantee that our clients will find solutions with us for their staffing needs in any part of the country.

  • Permanent placement:  Prohuman has proven means and methods as well as a well-trained and highly-recognised expert team, all of which allow us to provide support for our clients in selecting candidates.
  • Cafeteria services: A comprehensive and smoothly functioning Cafeteria system provides long term solutions for employee motivation along with many other benefits. Prohuman and its Cafeteria services will certainly help you in this.
  • Payroll outsourcing: Our payroll branch is specialized in the performance of HR-related tasks. Our outsourcing framework provides solutions for payroll covering thousands of employees.
  • HR outsourcing: In order for an enterprise to become more competitive, it is a reasonable decision to rely on external partners in the performance of non-core activities. In these cases it is the partner’s task to work out and provide a complete list of conditions to carry out the relevant project.
  • Prohuman Student Work – Prodiák School Association: Student work is an essential part of the labour market: it is a flexible, simple and inexpensive solution for the present and a form of expert reinforcement in the future – with young people determined to do things for themselves and eager to become active participants in the professional world.
  • HR-Employer Branding: We can provide efficient help to employers in promoting their companies to facilitate employee recruitment and retention initiatives.

Main benefits of partnering with PROHUMAN

  • We have been listed among Hungary’s largest temporary staffing companies for years.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in the HR market.
  • We work with highly-qualified and experienced consultants.
  • Our ISO certificate is proof of the quality of our service.
  • We adjust to our clients’ needs with flexibility.
  • We provide a guarantee for our services.


Contact your local expert to profit from their hard-won expertise.


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