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Finance Care

Bank on Success

Financial institutions bank on our HR and personnel outsourcing solutions to keep their focus on their core business of making business. Since 1999, Finance Care has successfully implemented dozens of cost-effective solutions at leading banks and insurance companies. Our dedicated group of financial specialists proactively monitors the every-changing legal environment and the highly competitive market to devise, advise and implement industry specific outsourcing solutions ranging from traditional HR services to pioneering projects that demand both flexibility and innovation. Regardless of the project and services, Finance Care makes reliability and operational security top priority.

Finance Care

The Company’s organizational culture directly reflects that of our customers in the unique banking and insurance sector, with particular emphasis on security, professionalism, reliability, discretion and loyalty.

Profit from Finance Care’s ongoing investments in new technologies that continuously improves the quality of services by supporting all management processes and ensuring seamless communications between the teams.

This successful team work has won Finance Care the title of ‘the best HR company for Banks’ conferred from the prestigious publication ‘Gazeta Bankowa.’

FINANCE CARE range of services

  • Back and front office support with an emphasis on the direct sales of financial products,
  • Recruitment for general and highly specialized positions,
  • Outplacement services assistance to boost competitiveness while adhering to your people centered values during consolidation and restructuring efforts,
  • Comprehensive HR – Payroll services:
    • Document preparation, including submission to tax and social insurance authorities,
    • Payment of salaries with all required deduction,
    • Managing and supervising staff.

Main benefits of partnering with FINANCE CARE

  • Labor cost optimization,
  • Raising sales while reducing direct costs,
  • Flexible staffing for seasonal direct sales promotions,
  • Ability to dedicated limited resources to actual core business,
  • Rapid expansion of branches and other point of sales,
  • Sophisticated HR reporting tools performing detailed analysis on, actual working time, absenteeism, performance reviews, holidays, among other to best manage human recourses,
  • Reduced risks with guarantee of data security certified by Data Safety Management System ISO 27001:2005.


Contact Mr. Tokarski to start profiting from Finance Care‘s proven outsourcing solutions.

Ziemowit Tokarski, President of Management Board


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