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Transforming casual shoppers into loyal consumers

For nearly a decade, Work Service’s specialized merchandising and sales division have been pushing promotions that produce profits for our partners.


30 supervisors lead 2000 merchandisers and 500 hostesses in increasing our customers’ sales with sampling efforts, production and distribution of advertising promotional items and executing exceptional marketing events. While they are hard at work on your promotions, Sellpro professionals hunt for pertinent information to fine tune advanced merchandizing campaigns by monitoring prices and the promotional activities of the competition as well as auditing product availability.

The largest database of workers in Poland, a robust IT and reporting system in engaged and highly experienced merchandisers make Sellpro your one stop shop in promotional efforts, distribution and sales.

SELLPRO range of services

  • Merchandising, ensuring that your products are well-stocked and attractively displayed inside retail locations,
  • Assembling and maintaining product displays at various locations,
  • Consumer promotions, including sampling efforts, conducting product demonstrations and managing in-store events,
  • Product training for rollouts,
  • Outsourcing of sales representatives and merchandisers,
  • Market intelligence gathering and reporting,
  • HR and payroll outsourcing,
  • Seasonal sales support,
  • Incentive programs.

Main benefits of partnering with SELLPRO

  • Increasing sales by proper presentation and ensuring product availability at the POS,
  • Maximizing the use of exhibition and shelving space,
  • Engaging and motivating customers with effective communications of your marketing message,
  • Constantly monitoring the efficacy and results of your field units and other team members,
  • Access to the latest market intelligence directly gathered “on the floor”,
  • Use of only specifically selected and trained teams
  • Assumption of all HR and payroll activities, enabling you to focus on sales and not paperwork
  • Reporting tools to indicate progress of all promotional and merchandizing activities to empower you to reach the budget goals on each campaign and sales cycle.


Contact us and learn how Sellpro can connect your products with consumers. Work Service, linking the best with the brightest.


Jarosław Kubicki
phone: +48 508 040 089

This article is from website

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